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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Project Title : ImtecShop

Synopsis : Imtec On-line PC Shop ERP

Benefits to the Open Source Community:
It will provide a portal for managing small businesses and shops written in PHP opened source.

1- It will give a powerful portal for managing offers with pictures and details
2- It will make easier for shopping centers to submit their offers without programming skills
3- It will ease the use of reportings for business

Project Schedule:
we will need about 2 months to finish the beta version

Project Details:
a CMS with 3 main interfaces, one for the administrators of the system, one for the employees who work on the system, and the last is for the customers which visits the Shop.
This will enables connecting a group of branches with one global database, which will be on the main server with no access to anyone but the main administrator, this will increase the security level, and connect the company management proccess..
Other things about the project are simple, it is a Shopping Center online..