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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good things come in threes

While you're busy gearing up for the holiday season, let us tell you the stories of three new publishers featured on our Success Stories page. Well, maybe not the full stories, as we doubt we can keep you away from your holiday to-do list for very long, but allow us to give you just a taste ...

The Tale of Jeremy Bencken and ApartmentRatings.com

What started as a sideline for Jeremy Bencken has grown into the largest independent apartment-hunting site on the web. Jeremy found the 300 x 250 rectangle and 160 x 600 wide skyscraper formats -- both with colors that blend well with the site -- to be particularly effective. In addition, he placed ads at the end of apartment reviews to give visitors a useful next step once they finished perusing a review. With just these minor ad format and ad placement changes, he was able to improve his CPM by 45% and his clickthrough rate by 91% all the while maintaining a great user experience.

An Account of Scot Hall and Swapalease.com

Swapalease.com is one of the largest car lease assumption marketplaces in the world. Scot Hall found that after signing up, AdSense ads immediately comprised 40% of the site's online revenue without requiring a dedicated ad sales staff. After making only slight adjustments to ad size, format and placement such as ensuring that ads appeared "above the fold," Hall began earning up to 80% of his online reve nue from AdSense.

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Chris Davis and Neopets.com

You've met Chris Davis before during Optimization Month on the blog. Chris discovered through channels and A/B testing that bolder colors actually worked better than blended colors for his audience, doubling both clickthrough rate and revenue. Additionally, he found that site targeting drew more brand-name advertisers and more image & video ads that now account for up to 40% of AdSense revenue.

If you're interested in learning more, visit our Success Stories page for a complete gallery of publisher stories.



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