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Monday, November 06, 2006

Want a Wii on launch day? Here's how.

Want to be able to stroll into a store on launch day, and come back out with a hot Wii in your hands? Check out the guide that Wiiloaded has up. Of course, if everyone reads this thing, then you'll be screwed. Cross your fingers and take some of their helpful advice like: find a 24 Wal-Mart to camp out in because it'll be warm, check out who is jumping on the midnight release bandwagon (Circuit City, Wal-Mart, probably more to come) and get there early, or visit a Sam's or Costco because they are frequently overlooked during console launches.

Also helpful is the Target Wii allocation list that was dropped online. It hasn't been verified, but if the info is true then it will help you choose which Target to, er ... target. Here's a helpful online doohickey that you can use to search and find out how many Wiis your Target will get. Apparently our local store is getting 220, when they got zero on Xbox 360 launch day. Plus the sheer size of the Target Wii areas and the amount of accessories they have been offering for more than a month before launch make us think they'll be getting quite a few.

With one million plus Wiis to be made available on launch day, and three million more available by Christmas, we don't think you'll have problems getting one. People are going to be divided between the Wii and the PS3, and that's going to hurt sales of both consoles while buyers try and decide what to get. Because Nintendo will have scads of Wiis in the stores, it'll make it that much easier to get one without resorting to eBay, Canada, or the black market. Only turn to those options if you're seeking a PlayStation3. Those are gonna be hard to come by.

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Motorola launches fashion phone

Motorola has launched a new ‘superslim’ mobile phone called the Motokrzr K1, aimed at style conscious users in the region.

The new quad-band phone boasts a two-megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and a built-in picture editor.

In terms of music, the K1 offers an integrated music player and supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ formats. The phone also comes with stereo output to headphones support via mini-USB or wireless Bluetooth as well as video recording at CIF resolution with a maximum duration of 25 minutes per clip.

On the memory front, the mobile phone comes with 20Mbytes of memory as standard and this can be expanded to 1Gbyte via an integrated MicroSD slot.

The 103g Motokrzr K1 is currently available in stores across the region for approximately US $462.

Gifts on Google Maps

Drop Spots is a simple but cool social game; people hide little gifts in public (yet semi-hidden) places, share the location via Google Maps, and then a lucky finder can grab the gift – and is encouraged to hide their own surprise with Drop Spots. [Via Spreeblick.]

Burj Al Arab gets Vista first

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel is preparing to launch the first Windows Vista implementation in the Middle East and Africa during Gitex this month, according to its IT director.

“With Microsoft we are launching the first Windows Vista installation in the suites – it’s happening on 21 November, ahead of the official 30 November launch date for corporate customers. This will be the first implementation in the region,” said Frederick Sabty, IT director at the Burj Al Arab.

“Microsoft selecting us to launch Vista for the Middle East and Africa is a good experience for us. The guests will be very happy, because it is something new,” he added.

The hotel’s IT staff has been testing the new operating system for the last four months, according to Sabty. The hotel has been planning for the implementation for some time, as it ensured its new guest laptops, from HP, were Vista-ready.

“We’re going through the various hoops now – we’re testing everything,” said Sabty. “We can call Microsoft, because we are not a small company, and we are taking the headache away from others by doing this case study.”

Sabty also described Vista as “the launch of the century”.

The Burj Al Arab, part of the Jumeirah group, owned by Dubai Holding, is renowned for both luxury and high-tech systems. The hotel will also be launching a large-scale Wi-Fi voice over IP (VoIP) system before the end of 2006, building on an existing Avaya IP telephony implementation at the hotel.

It supplies its guests with high-end laptops for their use while at the hotel.

Microsoft’s Vista OS has had a troubled gestation, with its release put back from an original 2003 launch, to January 2007 for consumers. Enterprise customers, such as Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab, will be able to purchase the OS from the end of 2006.

Genji: Days of the Blade

Games lovers, there are 23 shots of "Genji: Days of the Blade" posted on gamespot
Check it out ...

On Target Wii numbers

A Target employee posted a list he claims is the number of Wii launch units at Target stores. The post reads like a ridiculously long list of random numbers. The only two numbers you'll care about is the first one and the second to last number. The first tells you the store number, which can easily be found by calling your local Target, and the second to last number is how many units they will receive.

If you aren't into getting all DaVinci Code, there is also the option of using a "Wii Searching Doohickey." It says you can search by area code, you can also try putting in the closest major city, either way it's wonky -- try the DaVinci Code route.

Windows Vista RTM on Monday?

The rumor had been RTM on the 8th, but Paul Thurrott has an exclusive tip that it may now be the 6th:

My sources at the software giant confirmed this weekend that Microsoft is set to finalize Windows Vista as early as Monday and release the product to manufacturing.

In its quest to finalize Windows Vista, Microsoft has faced two hurdles in recent days, one technical and one a bit more unusual. The proposed final build was marred by a few late breaking bugs, which the company expects to squash over the weekend. Meanwhile, a power outage in the Windows build lab Friday night prevented Microsoft from creating a new Vista build that night.

Expect availability to OEMs, businesses with volume purchase agreements, and MSDN subscribers to follow in very short order as there’s no point in delaying until the November 30 USA launch event (Nov. 23 in Canada).