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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Attention college football fans

It's college football season, and one of the best parts in my view is the intense rivalry -- when we see our favorite local teams go head to head, each claiming to be the "best team in town" for another year. (And, in the case of Michigan vs. Ohio State this weekend maybe even the "best team in the country").

While the hits, fumbles, and touchdowns keep us all watching, we think -- and we hope you agree -- that some of the greatest moments in college football come from the fans. Think tailgates, reunions, painted faces, mascots and cheerleaders, where that spirit of rivalry thrives and brings us back for the next year's match.

To celebrate the fans who keep the spirit alive, we've launched this rivalry page to showcase some of the best off -the-field moments in college football. So get out your mobile phone, digital camera and digital video recorder to capture the best game-day highlights and share them with millions of fans on Google Video. If you don't, it'll be the other guys who will win the title of "best fans in town" -- and that can't happen, right?

And if you're headed to the game, be on the lookout -- Google Video might be coming to a stadium near you. (Not going to the game? Capture and share your best armchair quarterback or couch outbursts with millions of football fans.)

-- Shaluinn Fullove, for the Google Video team

Click here to watch "OSU Football Rivalry"
Michigan fan fighting with Brutus the Buckeye at the OSU vs. Northwestern Game
42 sec

Click here to watch "OSU mirror lake group jumping in"
OSU footage of mirror lake and a group jumping in the lake.
28 sec

An API for the rest of us

Since we launched, we've gotten a lot of feedback that you wanted an easier way to offer Google Checkout on your website -- without needing to be a coding wizard.

We've just launched a new option for integrating with Checkout: an HTML API. Just send us a shopping cart via an HTML form with name=value pairs, and manage the orders using our Merchant Center interface. You can easily specify shipping options and sales tax options in the shopping cart as well.

For more information on using the HTML API, there's a new Developer's Guide. And don't forget, you can still use Buy Now Buttons or email invoices to offer Google Checkout easily.

Announcing Google Web Toolkit 1.2

As reported on the GWT blog, Google Web Toolkit 1.2 is now available! Aside from lots of bug fixes and performance optimization, the biggest news in this release is Mac support, which is further explained on the Google Mac blog. (even better, GWT for the Mac supports the fancy WebKit DOM Inspector!)

If you're a Java developer working on web applications with AJAX, definitely check out Google Web Toolkit. [more]

How-To Part 6: Search your chat files

Quick -- can you remember that restaurant your mom recommended or the joke that got three LOLs and a ROTFL? With chat archiving, you don't have to; you can find your chats in your Gmail account using the same search technology that powers Watch this to learn about searching for, and finding, Google Talk chats.

Peter Adams
Online Operations Coordinator


Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known as "Black Friday" – the busiest shopping day of the year, and what many retailers consider the official start of the holiday season. While you're busy marking down your products in preparation for the in-store sales, don't forget to think about your online customers, too—especially since "Cyber Monday" is just a few days after Black Friday.

Now would be a good time to take a look at your AdWords campaigns, and perhaps even create new Ad Groups that have keywords and ad text related to your promotional items. Be sure to use a Destination URL that takes shoppers directly to the most appropriate product page so that they can easily find your discounted products. These small adjustments to your AdWords campaigns can make quite a difference in helping you attract even more online bargain hunters to your site.

Oh, and did we mention that there are only 38 more days until Christmas? :-)



The next generation of business intelligence will look a lot different from today’s BI. That was the takeaway we came away with from a recent eWEEK article that outlined an expert’s four BI “megatrends.” It wil be more sophisticated, more useful and, in a nod to Web 2.0, “mashed up” with some other fast-growing technologies. For instance, more [more]


IT pros’ angst over the possibility of losing their jobs to workers in another country appears to be waning, judging from results of a recent Dice, Inc., survey. According to Dice, some 37 percent of IT workers worry about having their jobs offshored, compared to 43 percent of non-tech professionals who fret about it. The survey contained some [more]


You had to know it was coming. PC Advisor reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told an audience at the recent Pass (Professional Association for Sequel Server) Conference that the company crafted its much-discussed deal with Novell to get an economic return for the Microsoft code he says is used in Linux. “Only customers that use SuSE [Linux] have paid properly for [more]


Even somebody paying a little bit of attention knows that interesting things begin to happen when Microsoft shows up. That’s why we take special note of this iMedia Connection story detailing the company’s plans to participate in MetroFi’s free wireless Internet service in Portland, Ore. So far, the deal only includes content. The story does note [more]


Announcements by Microsoft and Yahoo that they will adopt Google’s Sitemap Protocol should put smiles on the faces of Webmasters and IT departments spending increasing hours on search engine optimization. The 18-month-old protocol is now in effect at Yahoo and Microsoft plans to have it implemented early next year. All three companies also say they will [more]


We’re not sure whether to clap or kvetch, but HP’s fourth-quarter earnings report, out yesterday, was a bravura performance. Apparently proving that the pretexting scandal that burned up the news wires this summer was hardly even a distraction, the company posted numbers that brought its annual sales to more than $91 billion. Some observers expect that [more]