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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SOA: Enabler of Mass Customization

Opinion: Mark Willoughby says service-oriented architectures provide the technical foundation for giving customers a highly customized experience.


We're Losing IT Steppingstones

Letter: Strategic IT talent may be safe from offshoring, but how do we nurture such people?


The List

SIM's 2007 Regional Leadership Forum book list


Global Dispatches

Global Dispatches: The European Commission threatened Microsoft with more fines if it doesn't meet a new Nov. 23 deadline for submitting documentation on interoperating with Windows.


Will Economy Leave IT Behind?

Opinion: David Moschella considers the economic landscape and IT's place in it.


But their dignity? That's intact

Software engineer pilot fish at a big engineering firm has spent four years running tape backups of the six development servers. Then he's laid off -- but he's a professional about it.


Culture Clash

Multicultural team problems and some strategies for solving them.


A funny thing occurred to me on the way to my doctor

IT hasn't been able to show how it can apply strategic technologies to save lives, and in the process, cut costs. If IT is always considered a cost center, it will never change.


ACLU: DOJ's defense of COPA inconsistent

The ACLU claims the U.S. government's defense of COPA is too inconsistent to uphold the law.


Sarbox Reform Revisted: Same Song, Different Verse

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is still talking up Sarbanes-Oxley reform. Reuters reports that he spoke to the Economic Club of New York yesterday about a conference the Treasury will host next year to consider how to protect the economic “competitiveness” of the United States. He zeroed in on Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls provisions as requiring too [...] [more]

Legentis ?

Legentis offers a way for people to browse the Internet in a new dimension, fly that dimension with our site. Everything you see at your disposal is totally free.
Very Soon on Internet ...

OU Provost OKs Firings of IT Managers

Ohio University’s provost upheld the firings of two IT managers blamed by the school’s CIO for a series of security breaches, even though a grievance committee said they should be rehired.


Highlight: Good Charlotte's "Keep Your Hands Off My Video"


New Features in Ads Diagnostic Tool


Never too late to activate


BI and Environmental Compliance

To quote Kermit the Frog: It’s not easy being green. But it’s becoming a more important consideration for CIOs, who are being urged to lower — or at least control — energy costs and also to ensure that their companies are in compliance with a growing number of environmental regulations. One thing that could really help, says [...] [more]

Real-Time Mania

Talk about Freakonomics! If the specter of having to provide investors with real-time data doesn’t cause CIOs to freak out, what will? This idea was proposed last week by the International Audit Network, an industry group that includes Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young, and who knows whether it will gain traction. At IT Business Edge, [...] [more]

Merry Spam-mas: Experts Expect Flood of Unwanted Mails

One anti-spam vendor is estimating that the amount of spam sent this December will double the volume of unwanted e-mail in the same month a year ago, according a report at this morning. The Christmas season is traditionally the heaviest for spamming — and for press releases from anti-spam vendors about how big a pain [...] [more]

Adobe Keeping Legal Options Open in PDF Spat with Microsoft

Adobe’s spat with Microsoft over PDF export functionality in Windows Vista and Office 2007 popped back on the press radar this morning, as Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen told a German newspaper that Adobe might sue for patent infringement. (Actually, there’s a little dispute about exactly what Chizen might have said. A Reuters report was interpreted by [...] [more]

Web Office: Collaboration Is ?Killer App?

In all of the breathless coverage of a possible suite of Web-based productivity applications, a few level-headed types have pointed out that the only way to guarantee adoption is to provide apps that deliver a better experience than what is currently available on the desktop. Unfortunately, that largely hasn’t been the case to date. Google Spreadsheets is [...] [more]

Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblowers in for Long Haul

One of the first people to seek protection under the whistleblower provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is still awaiting resolution of his case. According to a story, David Welch alleges that he lost his job as CFO of a financial institution in 2002 after questioning the company’s internal controls and refusing to sign off on [...] [more]

Reminder: Accept your AdWords T&Cs by Nov 27


Technology?s World Party

We see lots of stories about globalization’s impact on the economy. One that recently caught our eye has to do with its strong — and ultimately lasting — impact on the tech economy. A Fortune senior editor makes the case that countries as disparate as Libya and Spain — hardly traditional bastions of tech — are [...] [more]

Reduced Tech Spending Isn?t Necessarily a Bad Thing

In a recent blog entry, Nicholas Carr uses the results of InformationWeek’s recent survey of the InformationWeek 500, the companies it recognizes as among the most innovative users of IT, to support his continued contention that IT is becoming less strategic and is little more than a cost center for most companies. We are a little [...] [more]

How to Close the IT/Business Communication Gap

All too often, it seems as if IT and the business just aren’t speaking the same language. Business types have a tough time conveying their requirements to IT in language they understand. And IT often doesn’t explain the value it brings to the organization in plain enough English — enough about “uptime” already. So it’s good to see some [...] [more]

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