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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From the field: on Checkout

At we specialize in selling name-brand sporting goods at steep discounts. We decided to offer Google Checkout because we wanted to provide our customers with a more convenient checkout process.

In addition to improving our customers' shopping experience, Google Checkout has helped us generate more sales and lower costs. Since we first started offering it last week, we've processed over $2,000 in sales through Google Checkout. And because of our investment in AdWords, we've already saved $50 in transaction fees. The Google Checkout badge has also substantially increased the traffic we receive from AdWords?in just the last week, our average clickthrough rate has increased by 67%, from 1.5% to 2.5%. We've also seen our cost per conversion come down.

Overall, we're very pleased with our experience with G oogle Checkout. In only a week, it's exceeded all of our expectations, and we're excited about growing with the product. [more]

The more the merrier

In addition to the stores we announced last week, we are delighted that more merchants have just joined Google Checkout. Some new places to shop include

Russell Athletic

Russell Athletic is a well-recognized seller of quality athletic wear (e.g. football, track or volleyball). And stop by FogDog for such action-packed brand names as Oakley, Adidas, and Reebok. [more]

Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Tuesday... [more]

From the field: Odimo

As an early partner in Google Checkout, we at Odimo anticipated an increase in traffic and sales to both of our sites, and The results thus far have been impressive: the Checkout badge on search results has definitely increased our clickthrough rates and driven sales.

The ease of use and the confidence of the security of Google Checkout has enhanced our ability to meet the online shopping needs of our new and existing customers. Through both our sites, Odimo has benefited greatly from our involvement in the Google Checkout program. As the badge becomes more and more recognizable and more users begin to use Checkout for their online purchases, we should see even more revenue. An d we look forward to working with Checkout through the upcoming busy holiday season and taking advantage of all of the benefits it offers. [more]

Google Checkout Modules for osCommerce and Zen Car...

If you're using or considering using osCommerce or Zen Cart to power your online business and want to offer Google Checkout, I have good news for you. We recently released Google Checkout modules for both open source shopping cart systems. With a minimal amount of configuration, these modules will enable you to quickly start offering Google Checkout to your buyers.

You can download the modules from the contributions sections of the osCommerce and Zen Cart sites. Also, if you want to talk about the modules, we've started discussion threads here and here.

Finally, these modules are open source projects on, so feel free to make any improvements or report any issues about what you might find. The project homepages are: and [more]

Sapphire Announces Ultimate X1950 Pro

Cooled by Zalman... [more]

Samsung Reveals World's Slimmest Mobile LCD Screen

Samsung's new display is just 0.82mm thick... [more]

NEC Ships 25.5-inch Professional LCD Panel

A display fit for the gods... [more]

Sony Acknowledges PS3 Upscaler Issue, Fix in the Works

Sony working to resolve upscaler issue with older HDTVs... [more]

PSP 3.00 Firmware Released

Finally, your PSP can now start without automatically playing a UMD... [more]

Windows Mobile 6.0 "Crossbow" Reviewed gets their hands on a copy of WM6.0... [more]

Palm Announces Treo 680 Availability

Sleeker Treos with more colors... [more]


Browsershots. A free online platform where you can test your web design in different browsers. [more]

Semantic Menus Builder

Semantic Menus. Quickly build semantically correct xhtml/css/dhtml drop down menus. [more]

Five Simple Steps to designing with colour part 2

Five Simple Steps to designing with colour part 2. Outlines some of the basics to help understand the colour theory. [more]

Spiffy Box

Spiffy Box. Automatically create the code and image needed to employ "Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes". [more]


Animator.js. An easy to use, small size, well featured animation class that uses CSS for effects. [more]

The Form Garden

The Form Garden. CSS Stylesheet Collection for Web Forms. Give it a try, submit your own. [more]

CSS Photo Shuffler

CSS Photo Shuffler. A Javascript + CSS replacement for Flash photo fading slideshow. [more]

Stylin' Fonts and Text in CSS

Stylin' Fonts and Text in CSS. Making the difference between a site that looks thrown together and one that looks like it has the professional touch. [more]

Dynamic CSS Changes

Dynamic CSS Changes. Three methods for changing the appearance of a site through the use of JavaScript, and how to make them work together. [more]

EJ - Essential JavaScript

EJ - Essential JavaScript. Consists of functions that make writing JavaScript go faster and allow you to do work more efficiently. [more]

Newly Supported CSS Selectors in IE7

Newly Supported CSS Selectors in IE7. Become aware of the things these newly supported CSS combinator tools will do for you. [more]

Playing with CSS selectors

Playing with CSS selectors. Allows you to type advanced compound CSS selectors into a field and see the results live on the same page. [more]

IE 7 Supports More CSS Selectors, Whip-e-dee-doo-da

IE 7 Supports More CSS Selectors, Whip-e-dee-doo-da. When IE 7 takes over the market share it will still only allow limited access to all the selectors available. [more]

Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds

Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds. Gradients without the need to open Photoshop every time you need to create one. [more]

CSS Styling for Print and Other Media

CSS Styling for Print and Other Media. A look at the various usable and not so usable media types that are available. [more]

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Ex-PeopleSoft CEO talks hosted apps, Oracle

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CDC to acquire more product, services companies

CDC Software plans to acquire services companies to boost its outsourced services delivery capability as its services business grows.


SAP, Microsoft plan more Duet features and new version

The two companies plan to release Duet 1.5 in mid-2007, in addition to "value packs" that include support for the 2007 Microsoft Office system during the next 12 months.


FTC offers guidelines to reduce online shopping risks

As a record number of people buy holiday gifts online, consumers should take steps to reduce their risk of having their personal details stolen.


No sender, no receiver, no problem

VaporStream has released software it claims does not records the senders or receivers of e-mailed messages, providing heightened privacy -- or a workaround for certain compliance regulations.


Microsoft: No shutdown switch for Office 2007

Microsoft said today it will not add a controversial antipiracy shutdown feature to Office 2007 -- but it might offer the feature as an add-on system.


Measuring backup health

Partial backup completion, consecutive backup failures, media utilization and tape drive performance are all metrics to consider when measuring the health of backups.


Trouble in homicide: a network detective story

A major metropolitan police department demeans the current IT staff and brings in a hot-shot contractor to install and run a network, but guess who saves the day in an emergency?


Survey: Companies not prepared for new e-discovery rules

A Computerworld survey on new e-discovery rules that will take effect in December showed 45% of the respondents did not know where their preparations were, only 15% of companies are halfway or somewhat prepared, while 5% said their company was completely prepared. Twenty-two percent said they had prepared for the new rules by reading about them, and a few said they had retained inside or outside counsel.


Linux users to Microsoft: What 'balance sheet liability'?

Linux users don't believe claims by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that the open-source OS infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property. In fact, Ballmer's comments are making them mad.


AV software now a subscription situation

Antivirus software is now generally sold as a subscription-type service, which is helpful for keeping users up to date but potentially nightmarish when it's time to cancel accounts.