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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Honey, I shrunk the Web page

Take a tour of Internet Explorer 7 with MVP Sandi Hardmeier as she introduces you to printing advances sure to please and a fancy new feature called Zoom. [more]

"Honey, I shrunk the Web page"

Take a tour of Internet Explorer 7 with MVP Sandi Hardmeier as she introduces you to printing advances sure to please and a fancy new feature called Zoom. [more]

Blogging 101

MVP Sandi Hardmeier turns her spotlight on blogs, discussing blogging from inception to publication, and offers up some tips and tricks for novice bloggers. [more]

Adapting to the brave new world of Internet Explorer 7

MVP Sandi Hardmeier reveals issues that users may experience on Web sites that are not optimized for Internet Explorer 7. [more]

Phishers Begone

MVP Sandi Hardmeier provides insights into phishing and the Phishing Filter, a new tool in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. [more]

Getting back to basics: Stuff you wanted to know about Internet Explorer but were too shy to ask

MVP Sandi Hardmeier discusses what every user should know about the basic features of Internet Explorer. [more]

Windows Internet Explorer 7 Toolbar: It's Your Option

Columnist Mark Walker explains how to customize your browser toolbar to suit your personal taste and improve your productivity. [more]

Making Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Your Own: The Basics

Master the basic features of Internet Explorer 7 with columnist Mark Walker: set a home page, accumulate favorites, and subscribe to RSS feeds. [more]

Ballet Dancer Photo Effect

This teaches you how to make a photo look lighter, download and use ready brushes, and make picture clouds. [more]


Learn to create this marker icon with the windows XP look. [more]

Dreamscape Portrait

You know when you take some photos and you really like them, but they just don't make the grade when it comes to printing? Welcome to the Dreamscape portrait. [more]

Entangled Hearts Wallpaper

Learn how to create a wallpaper design with an entangled hearts theme. [more]

City by Night

Learn how to make a nice "city by night" signature. [more]

Snowy Winter Layout

This tutorial will show you how to create a winter web layout decorated with snow. [more]

Camouflage Background Pattern

Create a blood red camouflage background using filters. [more]

True Colors

Enhance the colors taken from a photo. [more]

Masking For Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use adjustment layers, and masks to create interesting effects in Photoshop. [more]

Feather Drawing

In this tutorial we'll study how to picture a feather, its shadow and how to change its color. [more]

Building Banner

Photoshop's image warp technique comes handy when you want to use your images as a label or wrap on any oject. This technique gives you many nodes that you can drag and adjust according to your objects shape. We'll explain this in this following example. [more]

Cut Out Effect

In this video tutorial, Dave Cross (of Photoshop TV fame) shows you how to create a cut out effect on your photos. [more]

Crossroad Illustration

Learn how to design this crossroads illustration. [more]

Modern Navigation

This tutorial will take you through the steps to creating a modern/stylish navigation structure. [more]

Journey Through The Sky Fantasy

In this tutorial we will show you how to bring your fantasies to life. [more]

Designing a Retro Look Logo

Learn how to design a retro look logo for a car company. [more]

File Optimization

Reduce the size of your file in Photoshop with little loss in quality. [more]

Illustrated City

Illustrate a city with these steps. [more]

Radial Blurs

Create natural and artifitial radial blurs with a camera or Photoshop. [more]

Snoopy vs. the Red Baron Review

Don't let the license fool you. Snoopy's game is loaded with intense air combat that players of any age can appreciate. [more]

Tomb Raider: Legend Review

Tomb Raider: Legend is a very good action adventure game on the GameCube, which makes it all the more disappointing that it ends so quickly. [more]

Konductra Review

Konductra’s fussy design and minimal production values make playing it feel more like a job than a game. [more]

Sega Genesis Collection Review

Featuring many fun, faithfully adapted games from the '80s and '90s, the Sega Genesis Collection offers a fantastic value and a big slice of gaming history. [more]

Superman Returns: The Videogame Review

After the thrill of flying around Metropolis wears off, Superman Returns is nothing more than a below-average, repetitive movie tie-in that doesn't even do the movie tie-in part well. [more]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Updated Hands-On - Single-Player and Multiplayer Impressions

GSC Game World's long-awaited PC shooter is nearing completion. We flew to Kiev, Ukraine, to check out the latest build. [more]

BMW Incorporates Microcontrollers to Alter Handling

The 2007 X5 will feature FlexRay-powered AdaptiveDrive that will change handling characteristics with a press of a button... [more]

Windows Vista DVD to Ship with Over 19,000 Drivers

19,500 drivers to be available on the DVD with another 11,000 being available on Windows Update... [more]

AMD 4x4 Motherboard Details Unveiled

ASUS L1N64-SLI WS to be the first 4x4 motherboard... [more]

Antec Ships EarthWatts Power Supplies

Environmentally friendly with 80% efficiency... [more]

Hitachi Brain Interface Allows Users to Control Model Trains

More research being done in brain-machine interface technology... [more]

Steve Ballmer Makes Claim on Linux Code

Analysts and open source fans have been watching the Novell/Microsoft partnership closely... [more]

UPDATE: PlayStation 3 Faces Compatibility Issues With PS2 Games

Next-generation having problems with last-generation... [more]

Despite Claims, Video Not so Hot on iPods

Recent research shows that users aren't giving much thought to video playback on iPods... [more]

Fujitsu's New Stylistic Tablets

Fujitsu introduces two new Tablet PCs... [more]

DARPA Grants IBM, Cray $494M for Supercomputers

IBM and Cray are in, Sun is out... [more]

Analyst: NVIDIA PortalPlayer Processors Inside iPhone

NVIDIA strengthens its influence on future iPod products... [more]

Xbox Live Video Marketplace Unleashed

Xbox gets downloadable video on its first birthday... [more]

Jeffrey Zeldman On Why To Incorporate Web Standards

Jeffrey Zeldman On Why To Incorporate Web Standards. If you need help selling standards to your colleagues, this article is for you. [more]


Amberjack. A lightweight Open Source library, enabling webmasters to create cool site tours. [more]

Antivirus software now a subscription situation

Antivirus software is now generally sold as a subscription-type service, which is helpful for keeping users up to date but potentially nightmarish when it's time to cancel accounts.


Spaces: A look at Apple's take on virtual desktops in Leopard

One of the new features in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is called Spaces. Columnist Ryan Faas takes a look at what the virtual desktop technology will offer Mac users once it becomes available in 2007.


Scathing internal Yahoo memo leaked

In a sharply worded internal memo, Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo's senior vice president of communications and communities, said his company is spreading itself like "peanut butter" across too many opportunities and should be reorganized.


See how easy it is when they cooperate?

Document specialist pilot fish gets a call forwarded from the help desk. It's a remote user who relies completely on his laptop, he's frantic because Excel has gone crazy.


Vodafone moves to boost mobile enterprise offerings

The deals aim to help the operator develop capabilities in three core areas: applications, access and service.


N.Y. counties tap BI tools to expose Medicaid fraud

County governments in New York are increasingly using business intelligence and analytics tools to detect fraud in the state's Medicaid program.


Google adds indexing tools for News portal

Publishers and webmasters will be able to specify through a site map the articles they want Google News to index.


Opinion: How to search archived data with Google

While servers and backup tapes are normally off-limits to Google searches, Google's GSA tool does include a mechanism to deal with archived data. Known as the OneBox for Enterprise, it acts as an interface between the GSA and third-party search engines.


Zune: So you want to be an iPod killer

Microsoft could dominate the media player market if it can turn the Zune into a media-optimized, extensible mini-PC that really works.


Customer Satisfaction

World-class customer satisfaction is ShoreTel's commitment to you. A total commitment to customer satisfaction emanates from our chief executive officer and drives every aspect of company operations. Download this resource to learn more.


VoIP Manageability

The architectural approach for integrating new systems has serious implications for management. Read this white paper to learn how to execute proper VoIP management.


VoIP Reliability

This white paper compares three different architectural approaches to implementing Voice over IP aimed at achieving 99.999% availability. Read this resource to learn which approach best fits your needs.


Senators call for better information-sharing at DHS

U.S. Sens. Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins say too little has been done to improve "situational awareness" at the Department of Homeland Security since Hurricane Katrina.


Review: Ruckus' wireless IPTV delivery

This home Wi-Fi equipment focuses on the clean delivery of IPTV and other media throughout the home but doesn't always succeed.


IBM, Cray win DARPA supercomputer contracts

IBM and Cray will each get more than $240 million to design new supercomputer prototypes for DARPA.


Einstein advises Google Base

By Chris Tuttle, Software Engineer

As we've mentioned before, the key to getting traffic from Google Base is providing rich and relevant attributes for every item. We've posted some suggestions to get you started with attribute names, but what's the best way to enter values for your attributes? Of course, there are several ways to ensure that you're entering relevant values, but the simplest and most important tip pertains to the use of abbreviations.

For example, is the gender supposed to be "female", "f", or "girl"? Should the job function be "sr. mgmt." or "management"? Is "sf" a good property type?

To quote from a famous physicist, "make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler" [1]. Use short and clear attribute values -- "female" and "management" are good examples -- and leave the abbreviations behind. People will have a better search experience, and your items can get more traffic.



Gotta getta gadget

A new Google Gadget featuring a short list of your most recently edited documents and spreadsheets has just arrived in the Google Personalized Homepage. Here's what it looks like:

Just the way we like it - simple and to the point. That said, we already have a few enhancements in the works, so please post a comment if you have an improvement idea to share with us.

Ah but first you have to use it! Click on the "Add it now" button below (you'll have to be signed into your Google Account).

Add to Google

And P.S. we wish all our U.S. users a very happy Thanksgiving!


From the field: fills a golf equipment niche by providing personalized golf balls, bags, shirts, caps, clubs, and much more. We are very dedicated to website usability and the overall customer experience.

Google Checkout has been a great complement to our goals by providing a safe, secure, and most importantly, a very usable checkout option for our customers. We've seen that visitors who use Google Checkout convert at a significantly higher rate than our own checkout. The addition of the Google Checkout badge to our AdWords campaign has resulted in an increased CTR and a decreased average CPC. Our visitors seem to place a higher level of trust and confidence with us because of the badge. Customer experience aside, the savings we've experienced in credit card transaction fees have been very significant and is always a welcome addition to our P&L. When our finance department is happy, we are happy.

Overall, Google Checkout has exceeded our expectations, both in the customer experience it offers and in its reliability. We look forward to working with Google Checkout this holiday season and well into the future.

More and more gadgets

We hope you're liking the new Google Desktop Sidebar that we introduced last week, but we hope you like it even more with these great new gadgets:

  • NPR Now Playing - Are you a fan of National Public Radio? Well, they've created a new gadget for you. You can keep the NPR Now Playing gadget in your Sidebar or on your desktop for easy access to NPR programming. You'll never be far from your favorite programs and you can start listening with just a push of the button.

  • Moon Phase - We have gadgets to tell you about the weather, but what about the phases of the moon? This latest gadget tells you where we are, lunar-phase-wise, on your desktop. Simply place this virtual moon anywhere you want and hover your mouse over it to get more details.
  • Wikipedia Search - For all those inquisitive minds out there, here's another great gadget. Whenever there's a topic you want to explore or just something you don't know about, theWikipedia search gadget lets you quickly search Wikipedia. It also shows results and suggestions while you type, and saves your recent searches for easy access.

And if you want to customize your Sidebar, there are several ways to do it. From the Sidebar options menu, you can turn off the "Always on Top" feature to allow it to go to the background (easily bring it to the front by pressing shift twice). Or select the "Auto-hide" feature from the same menu to hide the Sidebar off the screen when your mouse isn't near it. And just drag the edge of the Sidebar to adjust the width.

To find out more about what you can do with your Sidebar, check out our features page or visit the Google Gadgets page to find other new gadgets.

And by the way, have a happy Thanksgiving.

Finding your PIN in a mailstack

When your AdSense account reaches US $50, keep your eyes peeled for a PIN in the post.

Before we can send you a payment, we'll send you a PIN. Your PIN is short for your Personal Identification Number, and it's your key to verifying your AdSense account so that you can receive payments. Once you've entered your PIN in your account and your account balance reaches US $100, you'll be all clear for payment, provided you've removed all other holds from your account.

If you've reached US $50 in earnings, you can check when your PIN was generated by visiting your Payment History page and clicking the Please enter your PIN link. PINs are typically mailed 3-5 days after they're generated. They're sent by standard mail and usually take between 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Make sure you know what to watch for in the mail by taking a moment to study the example PIN mailer below. PINs are printed in postcard-sized envelopes with a Google logo.

If we've already sent you a PIN, your payments will be on hold until you enter it into your account. You can request up to two replacement PINs if you don't receive the first one, and all additional PINs will be duplicates of the original. However, you'll need to enter your PIN within 6 months - after this time period, your account will be disabled.

Have PIN questions? Look no further than the AdSense Help Center. Finding your answer should be easier than finding a needle in a haystack.


Subversion upgraded to 1.4

If you use our project hosting service to manage your open source code, then you'll be happy to hear that we're now running Subversion 1.4. In short, this means you can now use the svnsync tool to both push and pull version-control history to and from your Google Code repository. You can read about pushing and pulling in our FAQ.

MySQL Camp at Google

Post by Kynan Dent and Michael Still, community-loving SysAdmins

A few weekends ago Google hosted the first-ever MySQL Camp in Mountain View, and it was a huge success with over 200 registered participants and lots of un-registered folks showing up.

For those of you who missed out on the action, some of the main talks included: The unconference format created an excellent opportunity for interactive participation in discussions, as well as a flexible schedule, so lots more went on than you see in the list above, more even than in the official schedule!

More details can be found at, and blog reviews about the camp should turn up on the MySQL Planet.

Big hugs to everyone from the MySQL community who joined us here at Google over the weekend, and thanks for running what turned out to be a great soc ial and technical event! Google is proud to be associated with such a fantastic community. [more]

It?s Hard to Apply Traditional Metrics to Blogs

If you believe Technorati, two new blogs are created every second of every day. Though many are devoted to nothing more than navel gazing, it stands to reason that at least some of these blogs are by, for or about business. Companies use blogs for everything from making their upper-level executives seem more accessible, a la [...] [more]

Was it Necessary to Create RexSpy?

There are a couple of interesting takeaways from this story in RCR News. The first is that the virus described, which uses a secret SMS message to eavesdrop on just about anything the target device does, appears to be potentially very dangerous. The other element of interest is how the virus, called RexSpy, came about. SecurStar Gmbh, [...] [more]

If Linux Infringes Microsoft Patents, Where are the Cease and Desist Requests?

In a recent interview with IT Business Edge, editor-in-chief Don Parris said the patent problem that has arisen between Microsoft and Novell could be resolved amicably — well, as amicably as anything involving Redmond and open source can be – if Microsoft would simply issue cease and desist requests to the open source coders that it [...] [more]

Virtualization Takes a Bite out of Server Sales

While many experts, including those who favor virtualization, argue that it creates nearly as many problems as it solves, the trend appears to be gathering momentum in the server industry. Third-quarter sales of servers missed their usual double-digit growth rates, a slump that observers are saying can be tied to the increase of virtualization. (The results [...] [more]

Microsoft Catches Some Small Phishers, but Focus Stays on Big-Time Crooks

Fifty of the criminal complaint suits filed by Microsoft in its recent crackdown on phishers were in Turkey, according to a Reuters report today. One Turkish defendant has already been sentenced thanks to an MS-backed investigation. All in all, Redmond filed 129 suits in areas ranging from the Middle East to France as a result of [...] [more]