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Monday, November 27, 2006

SOA Changing the Face of Business Applications

The service-oriented architecture changes more than just your network configuration.

Visit IT Business Edge for the SOA Changing the Face of Business Applications interview.


SMBs Moving Toward Convergence

SMBs are actively moving into convergence -- and are being courted by vendors.

Visit IT Business Edge for the SMBs Moving Toward Convergence interview.


Is CIO Role Too Much for One Person to Handle?

Some companies are beginning to divide the traditional CIO role into two separate positions -- one devoted to process innovation and the other to operational issues.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Is CIO Role Too Much for One Person to Handle? interview.


Hybrid Open Source Model Proves Perfect for Sourcefire

The flexibility, fast pace and viral marketing of open source meet the resources and management capabilities of a commercial venture.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Hybrid Open Source Model Proves Perfect for Sourcefire interview.


'Selfish' Archive Strategy Key to Compliance for the SME

Focusing first on their specific business needs will help SMEs develop effective archiving strategies that meet compliance requirements.

Visit IT Business Edge for the 'Selfish' Archive Strategy Key to Compliance for the SME interview.


Small Devices, Big Dangers

Some Apple iPods have shipped with Windows viruses. The takeaway is that portable devices with large and, in some cases, removable storage repositories are becoming more common in the enterprise.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Small Devices, Big Dangers interview.


Cable Operators' Aggressive Outlook

The cable industry -- through the confederation of four major operators and Sprint Nextel -- is on the verge of becoming a player in cellular and creating a national footprint that will allow it to compete with incumbent long-distance carriers.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Cable Operators' Aggressive Outlook interview.


Take a Bite out of IT

Companies need to start spending more time on the "teeth" -- projects and initiatives with strategic value -- and less time on more routine "tail" tasks.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Take a Bite out of IT interview.


Corporate Wikis ? ECM Alternative?

When people think of wikis, they think of Wikipedia. Corporate wikis are a lot different.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Corporate Wikis -- ECM Alternative? interview.


Simplified Backup

Separating backups into individual recovery images allows quick restoration.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Simplified Backup interview.


Management Drives up Costs of E-Mail Archives

Hosted e-mail not necessarily cheaper for large shops, but scale offers some advantages.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Management Drives up Costs of E-Mail Archives interview.


The Case for Open Source Indemnification

OpenLogic is offering open source indemnification because that's what its customers are asking for.

Visit IT Business Edge for The Case for Open Source Indemnification interview.


Process Management Forms a Bridge Between IT and Business

The greatest strength of a process-oriented environment and one that supercharges competitive advantage, says Kiran Gariemlla, author of "The Power of Process," is that it frees employees from dealing with non-essentials.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Process Management Forms a Bridge Between IT and Business interview.


Trusted Platform Module Simplifies Identity Management, Eases Compliance

With the Trusted Platform Module, "you log into your laptop and your laptop logs you into everywhere you belong," explains Steven Sprague.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Trusted Platform Module Simplifies Identity Management, Erases Compliance interview.


Open Source: The Wave of the Future

VCs don't mind pouring money into open source companies -- especially when their products are in great demand and they have strong communities behind them.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Open Source: The Wave of the Future interview.


Planning for Data Breach Notifications

Data breach notification plans should be extensions of existing data security protocols and should involve legal and HR departments as well as the data managers.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Planning for Data Breach Notifications interview.


Microsoft, Security Vendors Get to the Kernel of the Matter

Microsoft, which recently began selling stand-alone security products, is in a battle with established security vendors over future access to the kernel of the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Microsoft, Security Vendors Get to the Kernel of the Matter interview.


On the Road to Data Management

Master data management (MDM) can be implemented without a tremendous amount of disruption, provided you take it in steps and have a clear plan of what you want to accomplish.

Visit IT Business Edge for the On the Road to Data Management interview.


Open Source Systems Management Offers Flexibility

Open source works for systems management in part because you don't have to wait for the vendor to release management tools for new technology.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Open Source Systems Management Offers Flexibility interview.


BI Tools Give Power to the People

Companies get better results with BI when the people that actually handle the data on a daily basis can access the technology and derive benefits from it without waiting for IT.

Visit IT Business Edge for the BI Tools Give Power to the People interview.


Is Security Good Business as Well as Good Sense?

Corporate security always has been something of a poor stepchild. Executives realize it's important, but traditionally have under-invested in it because it's not a profit center.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Is Security Good Business as Well as Good Sense? interview.


Unified Communications: More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Unified communications is a broad and somewhat amorphous category that knits together VoIP, IM, streaming and many other applications.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Unified Communications: More Than the Sum of Its Parts interview.


Creating a Compliant Mobile Workforce

Compliance requirements cover all of the network, including the pieces that come and go.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Creating a Compliant Mobile Workforce interview.


Sheriff's Badge

Learn how to make an old-style sheriff's badge with this simple tutorial. [more]

Butterfly Ribbon

Drawing butterfly ribbon with a fractal effect. [more]

Spooky Scene

Easy way to transform a landscape into a spooky scene. [more]

Making of Pandora

Marta explains the workflow and shares some thoughts on painting several elements of this artwork in Photoshop. [more]

Draw Bart Simpson

Draw his head and turn it into a sticker. [more]

High Tech Header With Navigation

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to create a smooth high tech header. [more]

Get Down and Dirty for a New Perspective

Add the wow factor to your shots by getting down low. [more]

Glossy Clock

A tutorial to creating a pretty nice clock. [more]

Santa Claus in a Sled

Learn how to illustrate Santa in a sled. [more]

Fluffy Clouds and Sun's Rays

In this tutorial you will learn how to picture fluffy clouds and the sun's rays. [more]

Clean Column Layout

Create a nice column-based layout that is perfect for any website project. [more]


Doggygoat = dog goat. Combine any animals into new creatures. [more]

Concept Hovercraft Drawing

A sped-up video of an artist drawing a concept hovercraft in Photoshop using a Wacom. [more]

Grunge Vector Shirts

Just take a peek into your local Hot Topic or Pac Sun and you're going to see some great apparel graphics. And this tutorial will show you just how it's done. [more]

Q&A: Glory Days 2

Olivier Denis explains how air and land battles combine in the forthcoming DS action game. [more]

Aussie game charts: November 13-19

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007 leads strong field of newly released games; PS2 titles dominate yet again. [more]

Swordfish Studios expands in UK

Vivendi-owned developer to open second office in England, working on a next-gen project. [more]

Tecmo rebuffs sex harassment claims

Company says allegations against Itagaki were bogus; DOA producer to countersue, will seek damages for "defamation." [more]

Rule of Rose Euro release cancelled

505 Games pulls controversial horror game "following discussions with retail and publishing partners." [more]

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Screens

27 new shots posted. [more]

UK Lifts Ban on MP3 Transmitters

Devices such as iTrip will now be 100% legal for consumers to purchase and use in the UK... [more]

Sony Finds Defects in 8 Camera Models

Affected digicams may have problems operating in humid conditions... [more]

International Space Updates, November 2006

Oh where, oh where has the Mars Global Surveyor gone?... [more]

Gears of War Tops 1 Million Mark, Sequels in the Works

Epic and Microsoft talk of Gears' success... [more]

VIA Announces Company-Wide Restructuring Plan

In an effort to remain competitive amidst the AMD/ATI merger, VIA reorganizes... [more]

ITER Nuclear Fusion Project Approved

World nations inject $12.8-billion USD into the project... [more]

Belgian Court Hears Google-newspaper Argument

A ruling by a Belgian court isn't expected until 2007... [more]

The OLPC User Interface Revealed

OLPC interface simple but lacks enthusiasm... [more]

Ericsson and Sony Team Up For Mobile TV

Both Sony and Ericsson believe mobile TV use by consumers is in the immediate future... [more]

French National Assembly Switching From Windows to Linux

The scheduled change will happen in June 2007... [more] Now Hiring Do-Gooders

Search giant needing help to save planet... [more]

Analyst: Sony Shipped Less than 175,000 PS3s in North America

Sony PlayStation 3 shipments are lower than expected, according to analysts... [more]

Podcast Popularity Growing, But Few Listen Daily

A survey released on Wednesday shows that more Americans are downloading podcasts, but few do so every day... [more]

Nintendo Confirms MP3 Player for Europe

The DS and GBA get MP3 player add-on... [more]

Xbox Live Video Marketplace Hits Speed Bump

Microsoft hits a snag with its new video service... [more]

Virtual Black Friday a Disaster for Many

Just like retail stores during Black Friday, retailer web sites also had lots of visitors -- too many for some... [more]

Fighting the Greenhouse Effect with One Giant Sulfur Cloud

Scientists believe that spreading a sulfur cloud over parts of the world will reduce global warming.... [more]

Sony PSone Games for PSP to Cost Between $5.99 to $10.99

The PlayStation becomes portable on the PlayStation Portable... [more]

More "Bearlake" G35 Express Details Unveiled

Native HDMI output with HDCP compliance... [more]

Inline image quotes

Inline image quotes. An easy and effective way to create inline image quotes with CSS. [more]

Spotlight on User Experience Research

By Donal Mountain, User Experience Researcher

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you will have noticed that we've been making incremental improvements to Google Base. Last week Dave spoke about the new Bulk Uploading dashboard and in September, Ellen introduced the new Google Base homepage. These are two among many more changes to come.

As a User Experience Researcher, my job is to work with the rest of the Base team to make sure that we understand the ways in which Google Base works well for you, our users, and the ways in which it doesn't work for you. This helps us make well-informed decisions about what to work on next.

We try to understand how people use Google Base in different ways. We read the conversations in the discussion forum, and we pay close attention to the what the blogosphere has to say.

We also run usability studies, where we invite people in to our labs to try out new or existing features. We are interested in hearing what they have to say, but we're even more interested in observing what they actually do. We watch the steps they take to complete a task, and with special eye trackers, we can even see what part of the screen they look at.

We try to figure out why people are having difficulty, and then we come up with changes that make things easier. Of course, we also test those changes, to make sure our initial hunches were right!

If you would like to participate in a user study, you can sign up at, or drop us an email at [more]

Here come the Superstars

Here they are, the first 3 Google Enterprise Search Superstars. This award recognizes companies, and the individuals involved, with innovative enterprise search implementations.

Titans of industry? Men among men? Juggernauts of their respective fields? You be the judge. We hope you enjoy their stories and glean a few things you can do to make your users, whether employees or customers, happier and more effective in finding what they are looking for.

Looking to get ideas about how to create search functionality that can recommend experts within your company about a topic? Learn more about this in Danny Perri's "Expert Search" implementation.

Do you have an international audience and want to get some ideas on how to improve your search and service? Read and hear how Chris Hall improved his site.

Would you like to learn more about turning your support site into a more self service portal and increasing the efficiency of support staff? Read and hear more about this from Razi Mohiuddin's story of improving the customer service experience.

If you own a Google Mini or Google Search Appliance, then here's your chance at Search Superstardom. Come share your story with us so we can share it with the world.

The scoop on the Global Warming Student Speakout

We're winding up our Global Warming Student Speakout project with a full-page ad in USA Today (11/27/06). This project was in many ways an experiment: can hundreds of students of all ages and from all around the world kick out ideas on combating global record time...and do it online using Google Docs & Spreadsheets? The answer is a resounding YES, I am very happy to say.

We got super-positive feedback from the 80+ schools who participated in the project, and of course all the kids are excited that their schools and ideas will be in the spotlight in the ad. (I'm not sure what page the ad will be on...all I know is that it won't be in the sports section ;-} )  I'll be raiding my local newspaper stand to pick up all the issues I can carry back to the team first thing tomorrow AM!

Check out this example of one Romanian school's brainstorm results in a published Google document...complete with student artwork that complements the class' ideas. And here's a nice anecdote from (coincidentally) another Romanian teacher who organized her class' participation in the project:

"I must confess that they [the students] were extremely enthusiastic. They really liked the fact that they had to brainstorm during the classes and then edit the document on their computers at home. During the brainstorming, which was indeed a real "storm", they came up with a lot of ideas."
-- Ioana Pecheanu, a high school teacher at Vasile Alecsandri National College in Galati, Roma nia

Many thanks to all the participants in this fun and fruitful project. Please check out the full list of the students' top 50 ideas on the Google Educators site.

Fighting City Hall Gets Easier

Four stories we’ve seen just in the past few days point to the impact of government cooperation or resistance in the creation of high-bandwidth, convergence-capable networks. The stories are varied. They look at the slowdown in fiber deployment caused by the Federal Communications Commission’s foot-dragging on the AT&T/BellSouth merger; the fact that the Canadian government is [...] [more]

Mobile, Collaboration Tech Improves Staff Morale

After years of Dilbert cartoons depicting how most employees hate their computers (and everything else about work, for that matter), a Cambridge University study suggests that mobile and collaborative technology actually improves staff morale. Seventy-four percent of 400 survey respondents said they could not do their jobs if they could not connect with people outside their [...] [more]

Firefox, IE7 Vulnerable to Fake Log-in

Both Firefox and Microsoft IE 7 are vulnerable to a form of fake log-in attack that was used in a MySpace scam last month. Researcher Robert Chapin, who discovered the attack, says a piece of HTML embedded on a genuine site page (in this case, a MySpace profile) prompts a user to log-in, taking particular advantage of password [...] [more]