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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Final Fantasy III Gameplay Movie 1


Stoked Rider - Alaska Alien Screens

18 new shots posted. [more]

Brigade E5: New Jagged Union Review

Subtitle or not, this ain't the second coming of Jagged Alliance. [more]

EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer

Echoes of Faydwer is EverQuest II's most appealing expansion yet, thanks to a new continent, a new race, and a wealth of new content to round them out. [more]

Final Fantasy III Review

Not only is this a nicely done remake of an influential, little-seen early chapter from this long-running role-playing series, it's also an all-around solid RPG. [more]

Oracle Launches Identity Protection Project

A number of companies appear to be supporting Oracle's identity protection project... [more]

Ford Rolls Out Second Gen Escape Hybrid

Ford's 2nd gen Escape Hybrid unveiled... [more]

11/29/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Wednesday... [more]

Updated: Seagate Readies Second Generation 2.5" Server Drives

Seagate goes green with low power consumption 10,000RPM SAS drives... [more]

South Korean Microsoft Patent Ruling Threatens Microsoft Office Sales

Microsoft loses legal battle to a university professor... [more]

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Launches Public Linux Toolkit

LightScribe gives Linux support but a color-capable version is still in resesarch... [more]

Taiwan Police: U.S. Authorities Not Helping Fight Cyber Crime

A director of the National Police Agency in Taiwan voices his depression over lack of FBI cooperation... [more]

Marvell Brings "Monahans" Processor to Market

The third generation Intel XScale technology sees the light of day under its new owner... [more]

Wal-Mart to Sell DSL

Is there anything Wal-Mart doesn't sell?... [more]

"Science" Pledges to Curb Fraudulent Articles

Scholarly journals are trying to find new ways to cut down on fraudulent articles... [more]

Nokia 870 Tablet Revealed

Images of Nokia's 870 internet tablet unveiled... [more]

International Space Updates, November 2006

DailyTech's roundup of space news from around the web... [more]

Sony Computer Entertainment Under Revised Management

Sony congratulates itself on a PS3 well done with a round of promotions... [more]

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

Can In-Store Pickup Increase your Same Store Sales? This whitepaper provides a blueprint for implementing an effective in-store pickup program.


The Four Rules for Ensuring Customer Loyalty in a Competitve Retail Climate

The better the customer experience, the more likely that the customer will be a source of repeat business - and conversely, a poor customer experience can lead to lost business as 7 of 10 customers who switch to the competition do so because of poor service. Learn how to keep your customers happy, loyal and shopping with you.


Opinion: Are nightly backups irrelevant?

Many corporations today employ multiple techniques to protect against data loss. Unfortunately, the various approaches are often applied and managed in an uncoordinated manner. Ironically, the nightly backup, for some critical classes of applications, becomes almost irrelevant, representing a tertiary, "last ditch" level of data protection.


PKI will grow, but policy problems remain

Remember PKI, public-key infrastructure? The standard fell out of fashion at the end of the last tech boom, but experts at a recent conference on standards for business applications see a resurgence in the works.


Lenovo targets business users with widescreen notebook

Lenovo has launched a widescreen version of its ThinkPad line of notebook PCs, bidding to compete with Dell for business users.


Some British schools dismantle Wi-Fi over health fears

Pressure is building in some British schools to remove wireless LAN networks as parents and teachers site health concerns.


Verizon Wireless to offer YouTube on cell phones

Verizon Wireless will start offering video content from YouTube in an attempt to increase the number of subscribers to its Vcast mobile media service.


Comparing Fax Servers to Outsourced Messaging Services

Corporations struggle to reduce costs and effectively manage their fax infrastructure with unpredictable capacity needs and unexpected costs. Read how outsourced messaging services eliminate administration and maintenance costs and offer pay-per-use pricing.


The Unseen Leak: Faxes in the Era of Sarbanes-Oxley

This white paper examines the issues surrounding faxing in a SOX context, and how companies can use Internet faxing technologies to plug a leak they may not even realize they have.


Replacing Your Fax Server with Outsourced Internet Fax

The number of organizations choosing to replace their fax server with an outsourced internet fax service is on the rise. Read why and what to consider when you do.


Intel to add prestandard 802.11n to Centrino in '07

Although the IEEE 802.11n wireless standard isn't expected to be ratified before early 2008, Intel plans to include a prestandard version of the wireless networking technology in its Centrino chips next year.


Google questions need for Google Answers

Google has decided to pull the plug on Google Answers, which allowed people to pose questions that researchers answered for a fee.


BitTorrent signs with with major studios

BitTorrent, the company that maintains the popular file-sharing system of the same name, announced several deals on Wednesday with major movie studios and content producers, moving its service still closer to mainstream acceptance.


DoCoMo plans multimedia for cell phones

Japan's NTT DoCoMo says it willwork with several other firms to develop television content for cellphones.


IT helps solve mystery of ancient calculator

A 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator, the Antikythera Mechanism -- with its intricate and baffling system of about 30 geared wheels -- has been an enigma.


Hey, they're all alike, right?

Pilot fish is sitting at her desk when she overhears a user talking to the guy two cubes down: It seems that when this user logged onto her machine that morning, none of her files were there.


IBM to resell NetApp 'hybrid' array

IBM will resell the NetApp FAS3070 array as the N5600, which will support SAN, NAS and iSCSI storage and offers up to 252TB capacity.


HP Labs touts server cooling advances

HP Labs is touting "Dynamic Smart Cooling" technology, which it says can save companies up to 45% on their cooling energy costs by more precisely adjusting air conditioning to match server loads.


Desktop virtualization could usher in employee hardware ownership

With more companies eying desktop virtualization, Gartner analysts say the time could soon arrive when employees would be responsible for buying their own hardware.


Shopzilla deals with the Godzilla of shopping days

The online retailer of 60 million products traditionally has a system load 60% higher than normal on the three Mondays after Thanksgiving. This year, IT management decided that systems needed to be beefed up.


Bug hunter cancels plan to publicize Oracle Database flaws

An independent bug hunter who had planned to disclose one zero-day bug every day for seven days in Oracle's database products in December has abruptly canceled his plans.


Microsoft to roll out new version of WGA

Microsoft will roll out a new version of their highly unpopular Windows Genuine Advantage notification tool over the coming months. The application, which the software giant deploys as an antipiracy measure, will include a mode that will allegedly flag "indeterminate" results.


AllofMP3 = nothing in wake of agreement

In a bid to improve its chances of gaining memebership to the WTO, Russia has agreed to long-standing U.S. demands to shut down its popular music-download site, despite the nation's continued claims that the site was legal.


Opinion: 2006 -- The year corporations embraced new technology

Technology such as SATA drives, VMware and wide-area file services finally found their way into the data centers of corporate America this past year.


Wall Street gives Pa. the hot site cold shoulder

Although nine counties in Pennsylvania are attempting to woo New York companies to locate their disaster recovery sites in their mountainous countryside, executives have so far passed.