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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trusted Platform Module Simplifies Identity Management, Eases Compliance

With the Trusted Platform Module, "you log into your laptop and your laptop logs you into everywhere you belong," explains Steven Sprague.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Trusted Platform Module Simplifies Identity Management, Erases Compliance interview.


Open Source Systems Management Offers Flexibility

Open source works for systems management in part because you don't have to wait for the vendor to release management tools for new technology.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Open Source Systems Management Offers Flexibility interview.


BI Tools Give Power to the People

Companies get better results with BI when the people that actually handle the data on a daily basis can access the technology and derive benefits from it without waiting for IT.

Visit IT Business Edge for the BI Tools Give Power to the People interview.


Eureka Seven - Vol. 1: The New Wave Review

There are bits and pieces of Eureka Seven that come across as legitimate fan service, but the game is so wildly uneven and devoid of decent gameplay that only the most forgiving fans will be able to tolerate it. [more]

Rapala Tournament Fishing Gameplay Movie 1

It's time to bag a King Salmon in this gameplay clip from Rapala Tournament Fishing. [more]

Buffalo Rolls Out 5.25" HD DVD Drive for PCs

Buffalo brings some HD DVD lovin' to desktops... [more]

12/6/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Wednesday... [more]

Intel to Introduce OLPC XO Rival

And it costs $400 USD... [more]

USAF ADS Weapon Certified for Use in Iraq

The Air Force's non-lethal Active Denial System is ready to rock... [more]

Bill and Melinda Gates to Spend All Within 50 Years of Their Death

The Gates Foundation focuses on problems of our century... [more]

Intel and TSMC Say 32nm Development 'In Good Shape'

45nm has yet to be upon us and the major players are already looking ... [more]

Novell plans more sales partnerships

Novell plans to seek out more deals similar to its recent marketing and licensing pact with Microsoft as the company embraces partnerships and moves away from selling its open-source software directly to small and midsize companies.


Sales of PC-free Wi-Fi Skype handsets taking off

Asian vendors claim that sales of PC-free, Wi-Fi handsets for making voice-over-IP calls have become big sellers.


Top 10 Microsoft Exchange Storage and Protection Tips for SMBs

Microsoft Exchange is an integral part of daily business in many small and medium businesses (SMBs). Its the primary means of communication with coworkers. It helps employees schedule meetings, send reminders, and store contact information. To keep your business running at full speed, you need to easily store, manage, and protect your Exchange data. And you need a plan for recovering quickly if your Exchange server goes down. The following tips can help you keep Exchange running smoothly and let you bounce back quickly from hardware failures that could threaten your Exchange server.


Top 10 Data Protection Tips for SMBs

A reliable data protection strategy is built on two key components: proven, dependable storage hardware, and backup and recovery software tailored to the needs of SMBs. The following tips can help you select the hardware and software you need to safeguard the integrity of your data, guarantee accurate restores, and manage backups without placing an undue burden on IT personnel.


Oz to bring social networking to mobile phones

Software vendor Oz says it will release new software that will allow cell phone users to connect to social networking sites such as MySpace.


Cell phones don't raise cancer risk: Study

A nationwide study in Danish says that using cell phones does not increase the risk of brain tumors or other types of cancer.


ATI loses ground in graphics after AMD purchase

ATI's acquisition by AMD put ATI in direct competition with one of its major partners, Intel, analysts say. And that's the main reason why ATI's market share dropped.


Browser Smackdown: Firefox vs. IE vs. Opera vs. Safari

Four experts go head-to-head (to-head-to-head) to defend their Web browser of choice in an opinionated free-for-all.


Microsoft warns of zero-day attack on Word

Microsoft is warning of a new unpatched vulnerability in its Word software.


Wii sold estimated 372,000 units at launch in Japan

Top-selling software included Wii Sports, First Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, in that order.


Business Objects acquires SaaS firm Nsite

Company seeks to bolster its ability to offer business intelligence applications through a Web browser.


Visual tour: See what you're missing in the latest crop of best of breed browsers

As part of our Browser Smackdown, here's a close-up look at how Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9 and Safari 2 handle popular browsing features and functions.


Judge: Microsoft tech docs back on track

A U.S. judge praises a new timeframe for Microsoft to fix its technical documentation required in its antitrust settlement.


A Windows expert opts for a Mac life, Part 2

One month ago, Windows expert Scot Finnie initiated a three-month trial of a Macintosh as his primary machine. The transition was a little rocky, but once over that hump, his Mac experience has been superb.


Yahoo Music continues DRM-free download experiment

Yahoo's cautious experiment with eMusic-style DRM-free music downloads continues as its Yahoo Music service releases another single in MP3 format.


Microsoft readies book search service

Competing with a similar offering from Google but taking an approach one analyst describes as "sound, prudent and correct," Microsoft on Wednesday launched a beta version of Live Search Books.


Cisco to manufacture some products in India

The center will have 1,000 employees over the next two years, and the focus will be on local software development and services resources.


Sametime links up with AIM, Google Talk

Initially, the interoperability will be limited to exchanging text messages, but IBM wants to expand and deepen it to include other types of communications that have become common in IM services, like voice and video chats, file sharing and Web conferencing.


Panel changes direction on e-voting audit trail

Advocates for paper-verifiable electronic voting were encouraged Wednesday by unanimously passing a resolution calling for the drafting of requirements for independently verifiable voting records, just days after a different audit proposal was rejected.


USB powered slippers, gloves for the holidays

If you're looking to keep your favorite geek warm this holiday season, two resellers are offering slippers and gloves that are heated and that run on your computer's USB port.


Yahoo reorganizes into three groups, COO to leave

Yahoo will reorganize into three new units, as part of a shake-up that will see COO Dan Rosensweig leave the company.


Living with (or without) Internet Explorer 7.0

Early adopters are discovering that IE7 has compatibility problems with many Web sites and Web applications. Here's how to use IE6 as a backup, or uninstall IE7 completely.


Chatting with Lotus Sametime

Mary Himinkool, New Business Development

When Google Talk launched, we expressed our commitment to open standards in the belief that real-time communication should be as open as possible. We hoped that people would have their choice of service provider, but still be able to chat with other networks using their preferred client. With our support for XMPP federation, hundreds of services are connecting to Google Talk via this open standard.

Today, we're excited that IBM is announcing support for XMPP with the release of Sametime 7.5. This means that Google Talk and Lotus Sametime IM users can simply invite one another to chat, bringing together enterprise and personal IM users around the world. If you use Lotus Sametime at the office and have colleagues who use Google Talk, now you can chat with them. Similarly, if you're a Google Talk business user you can now add professional contacts who use Lotus Sametime to your Friends list -- just some of the benefits of interoperability.

It's great to see such momentum around open communication. With so many networks supporting XMPP you can now chat with your buddies on LiveJournal, various universities, at home, and, of course, at work. Welcome, IBM!

Maps + KML update

Just wanted to highlight a post from the Maps API blog regarding updated KML support in Google Maps:

We've now got a few more tricks that you can do with KML on Maps:

To view a KML or KMZ file on Maps, just go to Google Maps, and instead of searching for a geographical address like 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043, search for a complete Web address (including the "http://" part) of your KMZ file, like Need your own web space to upload some files? Try Google Page Creator.

The Maps API blog has further details.

System maintenance: Wednesday, Dec 6, 10:00-10:30pm PST

Google Analytics users,

There will be a planned system maintenance today, Wednesday, Dec 6 from 10:00pm to 10:30pm Pacific Time. Please note that you will be unable to log in, however, your data will continue to be collected and processed during this time.

After 10:30pm PST your account will again be fully available and up to date.

Thanks for your patience and for using Google Analytics.


Former Cold War Foe Is Outsourcing Friend

The former Soviet Union, which was a foe of the U.S. and Western Europe during the Cold War, is proving to be an increasingly friendly outsourcing destination as the economy heats up. As wages rise in India and the country tries to address a talent shortage, companies are broadening their outsourcing base by looking for partners in [...] [more]

Terracotta?s Open Source JVM Clustering Project Well-Received

On Monday, clustering provider Terracotta announced that it is launching a new open source project around its Java Virtual Machine clustering product line. The company hopes to increase adoption of the technology by open source developers. From what we’ve read, key members of the broader open source community are more than happy to get behind the company’s [...] [more]

Smartphones Call out to Consumers

Any difference between consumer and business 3G is fading. Indeed, clinging to outmoded delineations between sectors is roughly the equivalent of 40-year-olds thinking about television as the handful of channels that existed in broadcast-only days. We’re beginning to have trouble keeping track of the ways in which people can gain access to programming. 3G as a business-heavy [...] [more]

Microsoft Word Users Warned of New Vulnerability

A new security advisory from Microsoft (929433) warns of a zero-day vulnerability in Word 2000, 2002 and other versions that could allow hackers to remotely execute malicious code if users open affected Word files (not just as e-mail attachments, and not just from unknown sources, so beware). Few details are available and an update is not [...] [more]

?Pretty Blonde? Effect Distorts Vision of One Laptop Per Child Initiative

In an interesting interview with, the head of the One Laptop Per Child program likens the media attention surrounding the effort to provide low-cost PCs to kids in developing countries to being a pretty blonde: All the hype surrounding the technical aspects of open source, crank-powered, mesh-enabled portables has clouded the basic fact that the [...] [more]

Putting the Brakes on Virtual Sprawl

Virtual sprawl is turning into the new bugaboo for IT managers.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Putting the Brakes on Virtual Sprawl interview.


CES: Next: A 100GB iPod?

Higher-capacity music players and laptop computers could be on the way thanks to a 100GB, 1.8-in. hard drive coming from Toshiba in January.


New E-Discovery Rules Will Change Document Management

Better organization and enterprise-wide archiving and search capabilities are the keys to compliance with the new e-discovery rules.

Visit IT Business Edge for the New E-Discovery Rules Will Change Document Management interview.


German Company Looks to Wind Power to Cut Costs, Emissions at Sea

Back to the Future... [more]

Outdoor Enterprise

For many out there, the next step in the evolution of the enterprise is SOA and Web 2.0. Other, however, see the rise of enterprise mobility as the next great leap forward. The concept of anywhere, anytime access to critical information is simply too great an opportunity to fast-paced businesses. There was a time when mobile [...] [more]

Japanese rights holders protest again to YouTube

A month and a half after protests by a Japanese copyright-protection group caused YouTube to delete nearly 30,000 files, that group and others in the country have filed a second protest with the popular site.


IBM to buy audit, compliance firm

IBM plans to acquire Consul Risk Management to deepen the auditing and compliance functionality of IBM's Tivoli systems management software.