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Friday, December 08, 2006

12/7/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Thursday... [more]

Intel Demonstrates WiMAX Chipset for Notebooks

Intel prepares to bring WiMAX to the masses... [more]

Apple Ranked Lowest on Environmental Care

Apple said "we don't give commitments" ... [more]

Tagan Announces 1,100 watt Power Supply

Quad FX gets the power it needs... [more]

Super Talent Announces 2GB DDR2-667 Server Memory

FB-DIMM and ECC Registered modules for Opteron and Xeon servers... [more]

Mitsubishi Electric Recalls 1.3M Cell Phone Batteries

It looks as though Sony isn't the only battery company that can't stand the heat... [more]

AMD Cuts Prices on a few ATI Products

AMD cuts prices on a few ATI products... [more]

International Space Updates, December 2006

Astron and IBM work on prototype telescope, NASA studies global warming and NASA watches black hole eat a star... [more]

USB-powered slippers, gloves for the holidays

If you're looking to keep your favorite geek warm this holiday season, two resellers are offering slippers and gloves that are heated and that run on your computer's USB port.


2006: The year in security

Much of the trouble centered on phishing, a type of attack where fake Web pages are constructed to harvest log-in details, credit card numbers or other personal information. And, oh yes, spam is back.


Lifetouch Gets It Right on Kids' Privacy

Jay Cline takes a look at a company that safeguards information while making it easier to use its data in tracking down lost children.


Yahoo reorganizes into three groups; COO to leave

Yahoo will reorganize into three new units, as part of a shake-up that will see COO Dan Rosensweig leave the company.


Study warns muni Wi-Fi not like other utilities

A new study led by a former government official says that municipal Wi-Fi projects could stifle competition in some areas.


Microsoft predicts Zune sales topping 1M by June

After some initial market interest, sales of Microsoft's new Zune media player cooled off, but the company still predicts success.


Consumer group calls MP3 site 'worst of the bad' will ask the FTC to investigate, a Web site that offers free MP3 search software.


Update: Police raid IBM's Moscow office

Police raided IBM's Moscow headquarters on Wednesday, the vendor confirmed, but it declined to comment on the purpose of the raid.


New Via chip sets gain Vista certification

The result is trouble-free installation of the Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium and Home Basic editions, Via said in a statement.


2006: A year of wireless advances, mergers

The move to faster Wi-Fi went slowly, muni Wi-Fi had a big year and mobile WiMax had a breakthrough in a busy 2006.


Why we love users

This pilot fish gets a call from the engineering manager: A key daily report isn't showing up. Where is it?


Oracle releases single-ID products

The goal of the suite is to keep users from having to remember separate passwords and authentication credentials for each system or application.


Software corrals enterprise smart phones

The software applications combine centralized management tools with client-based code to enforce security policies and protections.


U.S. election panel OKs testing of e-voting machines

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission approved a testing and certification program for e-voting machines.


Florida man pleads guilty in DDoS attack

A Florida man pleaded guilty in federal court to hacking into computer systems at two major universities as part of plot to launch a distributed denial-of-service attack on computer servers managed by Akamai Technologies.


Intel leads semiconductor vendors despite slump in 2006

High points of the coming year will include continuing strength in the DRAM market and strong consumer electronics sales, Gartner says.


HP settles civil lawsuit over spying

Hewlett-Packard Co. agreed to a $14.5 million settlement in the California civil lawsuit related to the company's spying scandal.


Seven Steps for Streamlining Online Training

Training can be draining - on your budget, on your time and on your personnel. And the longer the training process takes, the bigger the drain. That's why we've come up with "Seven Steps for Streamlining Online Training," based on our own extensive experience with training customers on our products and on feedback we've received from them on what really works. View this on demand webinar now.


Winkler: Nike + iPod 'vulnerability' blown out of proportion

It's technically possible to monitor runners wearing Nike's workout-tracking devices without their knowledge, security consultant Ira Winkler acknowledges. But there's more to intelligent risk assessment than determining what's feasible.


Financial services firms share security tactics

IT security managers convening at two interrelated conferences in New York this week said their firms are adopting both new network defenses and organizational structures to lower risk of a data breach.


HP settles pretexting case for $14.5 million

Hewlett-Packard agreed to pay California $14.5 million to settle state civil claims related to its eavesdropping scandal.


Probe continues of network attack at Naval War College

Three weeks after the U.S. Naval War College's networks were taken offline after a network intrusion was discovered, there has been no word on when it will be restored.


How Microsoft fights off 100,000 attacks per month

Microsoft may be the biggest target out there for hackers. Here's what the company does to protect itself from the continuous onslaught of probes and intrusion attempts.


New Attribute Recommender for single items posts

By Deepak Lachwani, Software Engineer

Earlier this year we introduced a rich text editor for one-at-a-time item posting. This feature helped you create more visually appealing item pages on Google Base. Now we want to help you include attributes so that visitors can find your items more effectively. We are happy to introduce an Attribute Recommender in our latest update.

Here's how the Attribute Recommender works. First, you select your item type. We'll pre-populate the form on the next page with a few of our defined attributes, and list other attributes on the right-hand side of the posting form. You simply click on an attribute in the list and we'll add it to the form. Finally, just go ahead and add your value. That's it!

The Recommender will help you avoid creating custom attributes in cases where pre-defined, more commonly used attributes already exist. It will also encourage standardization across attributes that are included in Google Base, making items easier for searchers to find.

.NET client library 1.08 released

The new version of the .NET client library is already released, including binaries, to the subversion depot, and will appear as a binary download shortly. Beside several bugfixes, this new release includes support for Google Spreadsheets, the latest Google property to release a GData API. Tell us what you think.

Furthermore, Google Spreadsheets and all the other properties released so far, now have their Windows Mobile versions as well. And what is cooler than running your application on a portable device...

This has already inspired at least one fellow hacker, Thom Shannon, to write PocketCal, an opensource project hosted at that puts Google Calendar on your Windows Mobile powered phone....

-Frank Mantek, Software Eng ineer [more]

Thoughts on health care, continued

As I indicated in my post last week, I've been interested in the issue of health care and health information for a while. I just spoke at a conference about some of the challenges in the health care system that we at Google want to tackle. The conference, called Connecting Americans to Their Health Care, is a gathering focused on how consumers are transforming health care through the use of personal health technologies.

This speech will give you some insight into the problems that we believe need our attention. There are, of course, other challenges in health care that we plan to work on, and we'll share more information with you about the solutions we're trying to develop as this work advances.

The Google 2007 Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Anita Borg (1949-2003) devoted her life to revolutionizing the way we think about technology and dismantling the barriers that keep women and minorities from entering the computing and technology fields. As part of our ongoing commitment to Anita?s vision, we're pleased to announce the 2007 Google Anita Borg Scholarship. A group of women undergraduate and graduate students studying in the U.S. will each receive a $10,000 scholarship for the 2007-2008 academic year. The selected scholars will also be invited to attend an all-expenses paid trip to our Mountain View headquarters.

Tell your friends or apply yourself ? the deadline for U.S. applications is Monday, January 15, 2007.

And this year, we're also pleased to expand the scholarship program to women students in Europe. These recipients will each receive a ?5,000 (or equivalent) scholarship for the 2007-2008 academic year, and are invited to a retreat at the Google office in Zurich, Switzerland. Applications for the Google Europe Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship are due Friday, January 12, 2007.

We hope this program will encourage students to excel in their studies, inspire them to become role models and leaders, and help remove the financial barriers for women wishing to pursue an engineering degree. Here's a bit of testimony from two Anita Borg Scholars who have since joined us:

"I remember mailing in my application by FedEx overnight because I had decided to apply at the last minute and I really didn't think I had much of a chance. I'm glad I applied because through the scholarship, I met some amazing women who became good friends of mine. I got a chance to go to the Grace Hopper conference for Women in Computer Science and probably the most important thing I learned from the experience is nothing ventured, nothing gained."

-- Rose Yao, Associate Product Manager, and 2004 Anita Borg Scholar

"One of the greatest things about the scholarship is the opportunity to meet other women and form a network -- I have kept in touch a lot of the other women that received the scholarship the same year and over the last 2 years this has been invaluable to me. These are women I can rely on and even though we don't see each other frequently, the bond we formed is strong."

-- Gaby Aguilera, Software Engineer-Testing, and 2004 Anita Borg Scholar

Telco Fiber Looking Better and Better

There is a lot to chew on in this Telephony Online story about AT&T’s fiber rollout, named Project Lightspeed. The company promised to launch in 15 cities this year. Though only San Antonio and Houston have fiber thus far, the carrier says it still aims to meet the goal. Launching in 13 cities in about three [...] [more]

Here Come Cordless VoIP Phones

This PC World article says that suppliers of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) — cordless phones — have agreed through their association to build devices that can easily support VoIP and related applications and services. The ability for callers to move around freely is an important VoIP feature, since it’s something to which people are accustomed. [...] [more]