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Monday, December 11, 2006

RoboBlitz Review

RoboBlitz is easily the most ambitious game released for the Xbox Live Arcade so far, and it's an impressive 3D platformer in its own right. [more]

Dark Sector Interview 1

Project Lead Steve Sinclair from Digital Extremes gives us low down on the long awaited Dark Sector. [more]

Boeing 787 Unveiled in the Virtual World

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is on track to make its first flight in August 2007... [more]

Palm Secures New License for Palm OS, but Supports Microsoft Too

$44-million USD for a perpetual Palm OS Garnet license... [more]

EMI Trying Out DRM-free Music Files

EMI is the latest record label to offer users music files without DRM... [more]

RIAA Defendant Files Lawsuit on Kazaa Owner

A person sued by the RIAA is in turn suing Kazaa on a number of claims... [more]

Pirates Activate Copies of Vista Over Spoofed Server

Despite its best efforts, Microsoft's activation server gets cracked... [more]

Microsoft Sued for Bricking Xbox 360s

A class action lawsuit seeks $5 million and free repairs... [more]

Designing simple, accessible forms

Designing simple, accessible forms. Keeping forms simple in order to attract and retain clients, while also ensuring they are in keeping with your site. [more]

Overlapping tabbed navigation in CSS

Overlapping tabbed navigation in CSS. CSS only overlapping tabbed navigation, cross-browser compatible, accessible and javascript free. [more]

Network upgrades, cots are part of USDA's pandemic plan

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is preparing for a potential pandemic with steps that include expanding the ability of employees to work remotely, plus cots, food and water in data centers in the event of a quarantine.


Being a Business Team Player

For many Premier 100 IT Leaders, the key to building successful business relationships is reaching out to other executives to better understand their needs.


The Year's Best Management Advice

Need tips for improving your leadership skills and advancing your career? Don't miss Computerworld's top stories from 2006 on leadership and management skills.


Not Your Father’s IT

No longer are IT leaders simply supporting business strategies. Instead, many are helping to design, evolve and innovate new business models.


IT Unleashed

Frankly Speaking: This year's Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders are neck-deep in the real challenges of IT leadership in business, says columnist Frank Hayes. They're our people. They get it. And we can, too.


No More Smoke And Mirrors

At SAIC, the needs of customers and internal users of technology have changed, prompting development of an IT services framework.


IT's Best and Brightest: Premier 100 IT Leaders 2007

Computerworld's Premier 100 honorees drive innovation and strategy at top-tier IT department. Learn their secrets of career success -- and how they maneuver around those inevitable roadblocks.


Ask a Premier 100 IT Leader: Frank B. Modruson

Frank B. Modruson is this month's guest Premier 100 IT Leader, answering readers' questions about assuming a leadership role, hot career choices and more.


2007 Premier 100 Honorees: How They Were Chosen

Methodology for the 2007 Premier 100 IT Leaders awards.


Mining the deep Web: Search strategies that work

The Deep Web contains valuable resources not easily accessible by automated search engines but readily available to enlightened searchers. Here's how to become one.


When CIOs Bring in Their Own CFOs

Two world collides when techies have to consider input from financial experts, writes Thomas Pisello.


Travel Guard Tightens Development Processes

Travel Guard International is using formulas and tools to help manage the process of prioritizing and scheduling software development projects.


Hyperion Unveils Gadgets for Real-Time BI

Hyperion has brought out a BI tool that can create widgets that provide real-time access to specific data; IT managers say the system will likely provide BI capabilities to more users.


School Taps Interim CIO While Search Continues

Five months after Ohio University CIO William Sams said he would resign in the wake of a series of security breaches, the school appointed a professor to replace Sams on an interim basis while it continues searching for a new IT chief.


True Adorning

It’s what IT leaders convey without a single word that’s really the hallmark of their capacity to communicate.


Not Your Father's IT

No longer are IT leaders simply supporting business strategies. Instead, many are helping to design, evolve and innovate new business models.


No More Smoke and Mirrors

At SAIC, the needs of customers and internal users of technology have changed, prompting development of an IT services framework.


New Office File Format Gets Nod as Standard

Microsoft's Office Open XML file format was approved as a standard by Ecma International, putting it on a more equal footing with OpenDocument but giving some users and vendors cause to support both formats.


DOJ Report Airs Concerns About Key FBI Project

The inspector general at the U.S. Department of Justice said in a report that the FBI may not be able to fully fund its Sentinel case management system during the government's current fiscal year.


Oracle and Bug Hunters Clash Over Flaw Reports

The tension between software vendors and security researchers was put on public display when an Oracle executive criticized the actions of bug hunters after the company’s security practices came under fire.


The Careerist's Resolution for 2007

Author Ivan R. Misner offers some networking tips to get your career resolutions for 2007 off to a good start.


At Deadline Briefs

Short, late-breaking IT news items.


Panel Shifts Direction On E-voting Audit Trail

The committee of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission has approved a proposal to require that all new e-voting machines include a voter verifiable audit trail.


Turn Important E-mail Into ...

On the Mark: Need to ensure that critical e-mail messages are getting to the intended recipients? Mark Hall reports that an online service now aimed at government users just might be the way to do it.


Maryland Official Reverses Stance on E-voting Bill

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller reversed his position on requiring e-voting machines to produce paper trails, making it more likely that such a mandate will become law next year.