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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Symantec puts encryption on the backup server

Symantec's new Veritas NetBackup Media Server Encryption Option offers encryption at the backup server, relieving application servers of the chore and also offers centralized key management.


PS3 Already Ahead of Xbox 360 in Japanese Sales

In other news, the sky is blue... [more]

i-mate launches 050 number app

Dubai-based Windows Mobile device specialist i-mate has launched a 050 number transfer program to help its UAE customers update PDA and smartphone address books in advance of this month's December 15 changeover deadline. [more]

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Hands-On

Monkey hats, magical drills, and friendly monsters; we check them all out in our look at this kid-friendly adventure game for the PSP. [more]

Khalil quits as boss of Toshiba Middle East

Toshiba Middle East boss Ahmed Khalil has dramatically called time on his seven-year association with the regional notebook champion and handed in his resignation. His decision to quit the company comes less than a month after he cited Toshiba?s product quality and channel strategy as the reason for its elevation to the number one notebook position in the Middle East during the third quarter. [more]

New Horizons picks up Oracle training award

IT training outfit New Horizons has picked up a regional award from software powerhouse Oracle. The award is recognition of New Horizons? role as an Oracle education partner in the Middle East. [more]

Congress fails to pass Net neutrality bill in 2006

Congress is adjourning without passing a much-debated broadband bill or strengthening Net neutrality rules, leaving it to the Democrat-controlled legislature to pick up the proposals.


Microsoft?s new horizon

Microsoft has finally launched its much-hyped Vista operating system, but has it got the right ingredients to persuade the mass market to accept it? [more]

Extreme close-up

Extreme Networks? new CEO, Mark Canepa, headed to Dublin last month to meet his senior EMEA team and address the vendor?s partners in the region. NME caught up with him in Ireland, to talk about his plans for the company. [more]

Wii, PSP catch Alien Syndrome

Action RPG set in sci-fi universe coming in summer 2007; single-player, cooperative modes feature 20 weapons, 100 different enemies. [more]

Sega sets Virtual Console release dates

Wii port of Space Harrier II set for release next Monday, with ToeJam and Earl arriving on Christmas Day. [more]

Vermont officials blast contractor for security lapse

Vermont officials are upset that a contractor hired by the state to help in the bidding process for new health care contracts accidentally posted the Social Security numbers of hundreds of health care workers online.


Ensuring life is suite

Microsoft?s chief operating officer Kevin Turner visited Dubai last month to oversee the software giant?s latest global initiatives, and took time out to discuss the firm?s much anticipated software releases. [more]

The missing link in fiber to the home

You're not likely to have Ethernet cabling in your house, so what do you do after high-speed fiber has been delivered to your doorstep and you want to route it to different rooms and devices? Lamont Wood has the answer.


New Microsoft Word bug targeted by Trojans

Hackers are targeting another unpatched flaw in Microsoft?s Word software, along with last week?s still-open vulnerability, which the vendor will not patch with tomorrow?s releases. [more]

Canon names GIBCA as UAE business solutions distributor

Canon Middle East has bolstered its Middle East route-to-market, naming GIBCA as its official distributor for Canon business solutions in the UAE. [more]

Vendors to increase Middle East focus in 2007?

IDC expects vendors to turn to their operations in emerging markets such as the Middle East to stimulate growth over the forthcoming year. The market intelligence provider expects worldwide spend on IT to grow by a modest 6.6% in 2007, and claims that this will spur industry leaders to take chances and explore new areas for growth. [more]

Saudi Telecom makes ISO grade for information security

Saudi Telecom has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security from BSI Management Systems. Saudi Telecom worked with Riyadh-based solutions and service provider I(TS)2 on strategic implementation advice, consulting, training and documentation ahead of the ISO certification. [more]

ActiveMania working on consumer digital home bundle

Digital entertainment solutions & IPTV specialist provider ActiveMania is developing a consumer PC and digital home services retail bundle that should see the light of day in early 2007. [more]

Emirates Computers reaches into Qatar

Emirates Computers has announced that it will be opening a comprehensive IT products and services operation in Qatar through a partnership with Ebrahim AL Neama Holding. This news represents the second instance in the past few weeks that the reseller has signed such an agreement to strengthen it operations outside the UAE. In November, it signed with Teletec to set up a Nokia service factory in Pakistan. [more]

Capital growth

Over 30 years Etisalat has serviced the UAE with the latest in mobile technology, growing to become one of the region?s great success stories. James Bennett talks exclusively to chairman Mohammad Omran. [more]

Centre stage

Data centres are suddenly exciting. I know it?s a radical concept, but the idea of having a dedicated room to house and nurture an IT infrastructure is becoming (in relative terms) pretty darn cool. [more]

Halftone Border Effect

Halftone effect is another creative way to make an image looks more interesting rather than just a normal boring rectangular image. [more]

Neverwinter Nights Tales of Arterra - The Awakening Module

This module is for a character starting around level thirteen and offers twenty to thirty hours of gameplay. [more]

Teen Titans Review

Teen Titans the game makes good use of the license to spice up what is otherwise a very average beat-'em-up. [more]

Tomb Raider: Legend Review

Tomb Raider: Legend offers a good mix of gunplay and puzzles; it also shows off the system's 3D capabilities. [more]

EA Replay Review

EA Replay contains a few genuine classics, but most of these 16-bit games haven't aged well, which makes them hard to come back to. [more]

12/12/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Tuesday... [more]

Microsoft Reveals XNA Game Studio Express

Microsoft puts development tools into the hands of gamers, developers... [more]

Skype Beta 2.2 for Windows Mobile Now Supports Smartphones

Cellular users with generous data plans now have another way to make calls... [more]

GM Develops Vehicle-to-Vehicle WiFi Communications System

Not be outdone by DaimlerChrysler, GM shows off its own communications system... [more]

Virginia Proposes Sex Offenders Must Register E-mails

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell wants to remove the anonymity of the Internet from sex offenders... [more]

"Crown Jewels on the Network: A Benchmark Study of Leading Companies' Discovery and Protection of Intellectual Property"

Hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property (IP) and privacy data exist on companies' networks today. This independent study by Pro-Tec Data reveals what's being done to protect and secure these valuable information assets. The companies interviewed represent global market leaders from the pharmaceutical, technology, and software services industries.


Fujitsu claims first 300GB SATA 2.5-in. drive

Fujitsu has developed a hard-disk drive suitable for use in laptop PCs and video recorders with a capacity of 300GBs, the largest in its class, it said today.


Q&A: How to cope with jerks at work

We've all worked with them at one time or another: people who are disruptive, abusive or just plain mean-spirited. Stanford University professor and author Robert Sutton talks about what managers and employees can do to muzzle jerks at work.


Trade commission agrees Qualcomm infringed Broadcom patent

Wireless chip maker Broadcom Corp. said the U.S. International Trade Commission upheld an initial determination that rival Qualcomm Inc. infringed claims on a Broadcom patent.


Hurd: HP will cut more to continue transformation

HP still has cost-cutting to do to achieve operational efficiency, CEO Mark Hurd told the financial community.


The Business Value of Analytics

Leading-edge organizations find greater confidence and peace of mind for sorting through the tidal wave of data to weigh all risk factors in decision making. Learn more in this Computerworld report on Analytics. This report is available free (a $195 value) compliments of SAS.


Web-Based Service Delivery Falling Short of Its Promise

Join Bill Rose, SSPA founder and executive director, and Citrix Online for a 30-minute Webcast as they provide a blueprint designed to make the promise of superior Web-based services a reality. You'll discover how to achieve lower operating costs, higher service levels and increased customer satisfaction from Web-based services.


Microsoft releases beta of unified communications hub

The company released Office Communications Server 2007 to about 2,500 IT professionals; it marks the first time Microsoft has combined VoIP with corporate communications software for e-mail and other functions.


GAO: Massive N/MCI system not meeting Navy goals

After six years and $3.7 billion, the system doesn't provide the U.S. Navy with information superiority or foster innovation, according to the GAO.


Investigation of LCD market widens

More vendors report a number of regulatory agencies in different countries are looking into claims of price fixing.


Microsoft's Allchin on Mac praise: I was ranting to change Vista process

Windows development chief James Allchin says he was only trying to spur development on Windows Vista when he wrote three years ago in an e-mail to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and co-founder Bill Gates that he'd buy a Mac if he didn't work at Microsoft.


Bogus! U.S. agencies target moneymaking scams

A sting in the works for most of 2006 has trigged over 100 law-enforcement actions targeting fraudulent business-opportunity offers and work-at-home scams, the FTC announced Tuesday.


Two big retailers settle with BSA on software piracy complaints

Payless ShoeSource and Burlington Coat Factory have paid a combined total of nearly $425,000 to software watchdog the Business Software Alliance for unlicensed software use.


Opinion: Worried about new data retention rules? Don't

The new rules finally acknowledge a clear distinction between electronically stored information and other types of discoverable material. The rules allow for the potential exclusion of data from sources that are identified "as not reasonably accessible because of undue burden or cost."


Q&A: MicroStrategy set to expand in 2007, exec says

Although MicroStrategy has long tailored its BI tools to extract data and interpret it for users, the company is looking to expand its business in 2007 with a new tool for building BI dashboards, says Sanju Bansal, the company's chief operating officer.


'Rock Phish' blamed for surge in attacks

Described by one researcher as "sort of the Keyser Sze of phishing," the Rock Phish criminal organziation is responsible for as many as one-half of all current phishing attacks. Problem is, no one's sure who they are, or even if it isn't just one person.


Good Charlotte Video Contest!

Click here to watch "Good Charlotte's "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" Video"
Good Charlotte's video for "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl"
3 min 29 sec

Calling all Good Charlotte Fans! You've seen the video for "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl," now they want to see yours! Good Charlotte encourages you to make your own "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" video. This is your chance to get behind the camera and create your own version. The best video will be chosen by the band who will call you personally to talk with you about it, feature it on, AND hook you up with a signed guitar!

Hurry, deadline is this Friday 12/15. [more]

GWT 1.3 Release Candidate is 100% Open Source

Today is quite a milestone for Google Web Toolkit: with the GWT 1.3 Release Candidate, our team is very happy to announce that all of GWT is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. There's a lot to say, but let's start with our mission:
"To radically improve the web experience for users by enabling developers to use existing Java tools to build no-compromise AJAX for any modern browser."

Since our primary mission is to help users (as opposed to hoarding proprietary development tools), opening up GWT has always been a no-brainer -- we just had to decide when. Now that GWT has some serious adoption and a lively user community, open-sourcing is the obvious next step to help GWT evolve more quickly.

And we're committed to doing this the Right Way. All of our development will be done in the open, and we're going to be working directly from the GWT project on Google Code. We've created a charter document ("Making GWT Better") that describes the philosophical foundations of GWT as well as the nuts and bolts of compiling GWT yourself, contributing code, and participating in the new Google Web Toolkit Contributors group. We'll be discussing the GWT roadmap and all technical decisions publicly, we've republished the GWT web site documentation under a Creative Commons license, and, while we're at it, we'll be publishing our team meeting notes to the contributors group.

So, what's new in this 1.3 RC? Well, nothing, actually. The only thing that has intentionally changed since GWT 1.2 is the open source thing. However, since we did have to tweak a lot of source code and the GWT build scripts to make it easy for anyone to compile, we want to be conservative and call this a Release Candidate anyway. Once we hear enough success stories with the 1.3 RC, we'll call it 1.3 Final then get back to full-speed-ahead coding as we drive toward a nice big GWT 1.4.

So there you have it, GWT is open source! [more]

Control, Caution and Web 2.0

Everyone knows that corporations are huge control freaks. Which explains why at least some of them are going to struggle with Web 2.0. Many of the concepts that fall under the Web 2.0 umbrella — tagging, RSS, social networking — are all about giving the user community more control. And that makes lots of companies more than [...] [more]

Mobile Security May Get Personal

Jack Gold, who recently made headlines with his claims that Microsoft’s push e-mail was highly insecure, is making an interesting prediction. He says mobile users will carry around personalized security devices within a few years. The devices will be offshoots of corporate security appliances in which a single receptacle, or chassis, houses a variety of security [...] [more]

Java Open Review to Improve Code Quality

The FindBugs open source software audit project is teaming up with Fortify Software to centralize Java code review and improve the quality of programs based on Sun Microsystems’ recently GPL’ed programming platform. Though some have raised questions as to the wisdom of exposing security holes and other imperfections in the code, the project has been well-received [...] [more]

VoIP Is Handling Peering Pressure Quite Well

The acceptance of a new platform can be gauged in a number of ways. Some signs are overt, such as huge sales numbers, while others are more subtle. The recent run of stories and news concerning VoIP peering is a subtle but real signal that the new telephone platform has arrived. Peering is the process by [...] [more]

As GOP Surrenders Power on Capitol Hill, Tech Promises Remain Unfulfilled

The big promises on tech made by the 109th Congress over the past two years have gone mostly unfulfilled, analysts and other observers say. From laws that would have enhanced computer security, to bills that would have cracked down on sites like, to the fight over net neutrality, the Congress now ending mostly punted, [...] [more]

Expect Same Old Security Vulnerability Story with Vista, Researchers Say

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Microsoft has finally released Windows Vista which, on the face of it, is a big change. But Microsoft still moves slowly and hackers still move quickly — and Redmond still dominates the OS market with businesses and consumers. So, says Kaspersky Labs, just know that hackers are going to [...] [more]

Open Type Font Embellishments

In today's tutorial, Photoshop trainer Geoff Riggs shows you how to add embellishments and alter the appearance of specific letter pairings for open type fonts. [more]

MotorStorm Interview 2

Take a look at this interview for MotorStorm. [more]

Create A Watercolor Photo Using 3 Filters

Easily convert one of your photos into a watercolor image using three simple Photoshop filters. [more]

History Channel: Civil War Gameplay Movie 1

Take a look at some brutal Civil War fights in this movie. [more]