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Friday, December 15, 2006

HP Betting All on Blades

While most of the industry is focused on Hewlett-Packard’s rise in the software segment, punctuated this week with the latest collaboration with Microsoft, there were some significant new developments on the hardware front as well. In short, HP’s coming year will focus around one thing: blades. With volume manufacturing, the company hopes to leverage the technology [...] [more]

The Mobile Future Takes Shape

The worlds of wireless (i.e., Wi-Fi and WiMax) and cellular are beginning to coalesce in a sensible way. The driving reality is that the emphasis is moving from voice to data. This Rocky Mountain News story focuses on consumers, but the same trends certainly are apparent — to a lesser or greater degree — in the [...] [more]

On the Heels of Suit, Congress Now Asks Hurd Why He Cashed Out

HP CEO Mark Hurd might have thought his days fielding questions from skeptical members of Congress were over, but apparently they are not. The incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee wants to know why he cashed out $1.37 million in stock options the same day outside lawyers began questioning him about what would [...] [more]

Free Enterprise Search Software from IBM and Yahoo Could Get Google?s Attention

More than one analyst is already saying that the launch of the IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition (OYE) enterprise-level search program will take business away from search king Google at the low end of the market, which Google targets with its Mini search offering. Some say Microsoft’s SharePoint Server for Search may feel the pinch, as [...] [more]