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Friday, December 22, 2006

Choosing a Color Scheme in Art

Choosing the best color scheme for any artwork depends on a lot of things like mood and story. Get the background on all of this during the creation of the artwork entitled 'Do you want to play with me?' [more]

Blending Mode Essentials

This tutorial will show you, through very simple illustrations, the difference between the blending modes: lighten, overlay, and darken. An understanding of how these blending modes work will help you decide when to use them. [more]

Magic Book

Learn how to create lights illusions, imitate stained-glass window, insert organically an object into a certain space and create the effect of having tear borders. [more]

Spider Harp

This drawing represents a fantasy musician able to play harp on a spider web. This was digitally painted in Photoshop- see the walkthrough here. [more]

Removing Noise in a Background

Find out how to remove noise in a clean background by using the gaussian blur tool. [more]

Simple Horizontal Menu

This tutorial shows you how to create a simple horizontal menu. [more]

Creating a Lighted Christmas Wreath

Create an animated, lighted Christmas wreath for the holidays. [more]

Skype Logo

Recreate the Skype logo. [more]

Creating Fake Miniature Environments

A simple six step tutorial on how to create fake miniature environments. [more]

Creating Grunge Brushes

Here's a technique for creating grunge brushes. [more]

Ubisoft confirms PS3 Double Agent

Sam Fisher sneaks onto Sony's next-gen system in Europe and North America next March. [more]

Novadrome Review

Novadrome offers a glossy-looking take on the tried-and-true concept of futuristic car combat, but fails to do anything interesting or noteworthy with it. [more]

Armored Core 4 Update

Sega shows off an updated version of its upcoming mech combat game on PlayStation 3. [more]

HeadCrab Union Desktop Shortcut Icon

Desktop shortcut icon for GameSpot's Endorsed HeadCrab Union ( The HeadCrab Union is the #1 source on GameSpot for news on all VALVe games and mods. Join the HCU's community today! [more]

NBA Street Homecourt Screens

9 new shots posted. [more]

Voyage Century Beta v1.0 Demo

This is the beta demo client for the free nautical MMORPG. [more]

Ennichi no Tatsujin Screens

40 new shots posted. [more]

12/19/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Friday... [more]

Firefox Update Available Early

Mozilla releases the first update for Firefox 2.0... [more]

Memory Makers Plan for Terabit Memory Using 3D Packaging

That's a considerable leap from the sizes of memory today... [more]

Sharp Now Producing Blue Laser Diodes

Perhaps this will help Sony aid the PS3 shortage woes... [more]

Ebay Shuts Down China Unit, Forms Partnership With Tom Online

EBay is working hard to succeed in a very touch Chinese auction market... [more]

Matsushita Making Batteries That Won't Overheat

Less fires should mean more safety for notebook batteries... [more]

Microsoft's Jim Allchin Discusses Vista Security

Microsoft tests Vista against top malware threats... [more]

12/20/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Monday... [more]

New SideShow Remotes for Windows Vista Media Center on Display

Windows Vista Media Center just got a whole lot better... [more]

Siemens Sets Data Transmission Speed Record

Faster than 100G... [more]

Shuttle Announces 1337 SDXi System

The XPC with a new paint job and liquid-cooling... [more]

The Pentagon Has its Eyes on the New X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile

X-51 would be seven times faster than the Tomahawk... [more]

PayPerPost Bloggers Now Must Disclose Sponsored Posts

PayPerPost has been pressured about disclosure issues since the company first went live... [more]

Accessible JavaScript: Beyond the Mouse

Accessible JavaScript: Beyond the Mouse. James Edwards on ensuring accessible web interaction. [more]

Solid Information Technology releases high-performance MySQL storage engine

Solid is claiming more transactions per second


Upgrading the hard way

This big outfit develops custom applications for customers, and it's just gotten a great deal on a new software development platform. There's just one problem.


Seagate buys backup services company EVault for $185M

Seagate will buy EVault Inc. for $185 million, an acquisition Seagate said will bolster its managed services business.


Interview: Micro Focus CEO talks about how Cobol lives on

InfoWorld Editor-at-large Paul Krill this week interviewed Micro Focus CEO Stephen Kelly, who took the CEO reins in May, about the role Cobol still plays in the enterprise.


Top Vista time-saving tips

These shortcuts will save you motion as well as time when using Microsoft's latest Windows operating system, as well as other Windows apps.


Users say Outlook 2007 boosts e-mail management

The latest version of Microsoft's Outlook personal information manager adds several key improvements to its e-mail function that beta testers and analysts say are helping early users better cope with ever-growing inboxes.


Five tips for backups using Windows' own tools

One tip: Every time you shut down your system, Windows makes a backup of certain Registry and driver settings. If things go awry and you can't start Windows, you can restore your machine to its previous state by pressing just before Windows starts.


Seven-Visto battle follows RIM-NTP path

Seven Networks Inc. may be gambling that the timing of its push e-mail patent battle will work out better than it did for Research In Motion Ltd.


Spam project pulls plug

The volunteer-run service that kept a blacklist of mail services allowing third-party ("open") relays has pulled the plug after five and a half years, citing growing technical irrelevance.


Opinion: Choosing how to use your virtual tape library

Just because a VTL supports a file-serving interface does not mean you should use a VTL in this capacity, since the interfaces and performance characteristics of file services and backup to disk can differ significantly.


Google upgrades Blogger service -- for some

Google is offering some users of its Blogger Web site access to a new version of the blog-hosting service that allows user-definable templates, tagging of posts, multiple authors and faster publication of new posts.


Samsung exec pleads guilty to DRAM price-fixing

Samsung Semiconductor's president agrees to plead guilty to DRAM price-fixing charges.


Happy holidays for hackers?

Last year's holiday season was no time of joy for Microsoft; hackers chose the end of the year to launch zero-day attacks on the unpatched Windows Metafile hole. Will another major malware push spoil your festivities this year?


Unified Search across different ECM systems

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are useful to manage and version control the information assets of the organization. But lets be honest, they don't necessarily have the most best search mechanism to retrieve the valuable information contained within. The default search capabilities provided by ECM systems create new silos where users must log-in to multiple applications to retrieve the information. Our mission at Google is to provide a unified search experience across all enterprise content sources. Due to technical differences in the interfaces and the different security mechanisms supported by ECM systems there is need to build specific connectors to these systems.

We just open-sourced an interesting project that will make it easy to build connectors to ECM systems. This new connector framework provides rich service provider interfaces (SPI) to write connectors to different content sources. It also provides a security infrastructure to securely index and serve documents stored in ECM systems. Finally it provides rich administrative capabilities to configure the connectors to different ECM systems in a centralized way. The connector framework is designed for building connectors to ECM systems as well as other content sources that may or may not have web-enabled content.

The open source project contains source for Connector Manager, Connector SPI interfaces, associated javadocs, sample code and test suites. This is an early technical preview of the connector manager project and is not (yet) an officially supported feature in the Google Search Appliance. We wanted to get the word out sooner and invite the broader developer and partner community to give us feedback. Check out the connector manager project and let us know your thoughts on it. [more]

Google Checkout API sample code reloaded

The Google Checkout sample code page has been updated, so check it out! We now provide sample code that demonstrates complete Google Checkout Level 2 integration for these 5 platforms: Windows Classic ASP (COM), .NET, PHP, Java 1.5, and Java 1.4

The sample code for each platform is managed as an open source project, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and hosted on Google Code's project hosting. A big thank you to the Google Code team for implementing Downloads and Wikis, which were the last missing features we needed before announcing our code sample release.

These projects will issue regular releases which will be listed in the project's download area. Feel free to use the project's issue tracker to log bugs and feature requests, and the project's wiki to document tips and tricks. Contributions to these projects are welcome: if you are interested in contributing, please join the fun and post a proposal to the Developer Forum for that project.

We also released integrations of Google Checkout with the open source shopping carts osCommerce and Zen Cart. These projects are open source as well, and licensed under the GPL 2.0 license.

If you're a merchant contemplating Google Checkout integration, these libraries should make it easy to get started. If you're a developer, e-commerce provider, web designer, or any other entity that maintains relationships with online merchants, you can earn cash for helping your merchants get up and running with Google Checkout: apply for the Google Checkout Merchant Referral Program.

The Google Checkout API developer relations team wishes you a happy holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the Inside AdWords crew

This is our last post of the year, and before we enter hibernation we would like to wish all our readers a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. We'll be back in 2007, full of information, turkey, and candy canes. We'd like to share two festivities. First up, a song that's sure to become a holiday classic, The 12 Days of AdWords Christmas.

The 12 Days of AdWords Christmas (download the mp3)
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Inside AdWords gave to me:
12 Help Center Helpings
11 Seminar Updates
10 Beta Test Invites
9 Impressions Tippings
8 Checkout Reportings
7 Tips for Searching
6 System Updates
5 Haaaaaaaaaaand Turkeys
4 Tools for SMBs (Part 1 and Part 2)
3 Reporting Tips
2 Trademark Policies (Part 1 and Part 2)
And Advice to Improve Ads Quality!

Next, we continue our holiday tradition with our latest holiday doodle:


Court Hears Sarbox Constitutionality Case

Nearly a year ago, reported that the Free Enterprise Fund had filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of those portions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that established the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and provide for the appointment of its members. Even more interesting was the fact that former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr was spearheading [...] [more]

FSF: Windows Vista Is Stealing Your Rights!

We should know better than to be surprised by goings on at the Free Software Foundation, but the organization’s latest anti-Microsoft campaign caught us a bit off guard. Days after the software juggernaut launched its newest operating system, the FSF unveiled The campaign’s goal, according to program administrator John Sullivan, is to make users aware of the [...] [more]

From Windows to Mac ? Is It Time?

Awhile back, we covered an issue regarding Vista migration, and it’s come up again. Computerworld just posted an article outlining why it makes a lot of sense to upgrade to Mac OS in the coming year rather than Vista. In a nutshell, the article argues that if you’re going to put up with the time, expense and effort [...] [more]

Subscribers the Winner of Cable/Telco Fights

The folks who work the streets for cable and telephone companies are tough hombres. A case in point: This Houston Chronicle story says that AT&T is suing Time Warner Cable because its workers trashed the telco’s equipment in some San Antonio apartment buildings. We don?t know, of course, if the claims are true. Time Warner Cable [...] [more]