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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Gamepro expo redubbed "E for All"

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The "E" referring to "Entertainment" mind you, not the easily obtainable street drug. Let's face it, the joke comparing gaming trade shows to free-for-all drug parties practically tells itself.

On the topic of terrible and somewhat inappropriate jokes, Gamepro's website has officially revealed the new title for their upcoming "E3 follo w-up" expo, to be held in association with IDG World Expo. Equal parts Marx and Mork, "Entertainment for All Expo" is the winning title chosen out of 3,000 entries on Gamepro's website. It certainly speaks volumes about the quality of the other 2,999.

The E for All Expo is fully endorsed by the Entertainment Software Association, despite it flying in the face of E3's concerns like a shrieking bat. The event will give consumers the chance to experience all manner of games and gadgetry, allowing them to purchase some of the items they've seen on the way out. E For All will also host gaming tournaments, job fairs and Video Games Live concerts.

Throbbing mass of gamers -- check. Extraordinarily loud music -- check. "No longer just for industry insiders" -- check. The evidence makes it quite clear. This is the successor to E3. Looks like members of the press will just have to make due with Min-E3 (at least it has a cooler name).

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