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Monday, January 08, 2007

Got any gamer resolutions?

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Got any games-specific resolutions that you'd care to share? Here are a few suggested to us by friends and family over the last few weeks as we canvassed for suggestions on this topic:

  • Buy used. Few games get so badly beaten up that they won't play, and those that do can be returned for the same product. Why pay full price?
  • Play your old games. Admit it. You've got a ton of great games sitting on your shelf that you still haven't beat. Think of all the little Kazakhstani kids who never get to play video games. You'll finish your games before you get up from that sofa, young man, or you won't get another game to play.
  • Check the reviews. No matter what we say on this point, Sports Roster Update '08 will still sell millions of copies, but we all know that smart consumers do try to take into consideration that mass of criticism available on just about every game released. If you care about games, you'll starve bad developers and bad publishers so that innovative, creative games will find some breathing space on store shelves.
  • Widen your horizons. Don't be provincial: if you're a diehard fanboy of console Z, try one of the other guys with an open mind. If you're a diehard gamer, try a paper-based game, or a board game. Reconnecting with classics like chess and Backgammon can teach us to be better critics of game balance
  • Defend your hobby. There's no shortage of opportunistic politicians who attack gaming because it'll win them voter brownie points. Authority figures love to demonize our favorite hobby -- don't let them.
  • Avoid HD-formats, but embrace HD. The Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD debacle won't be sorted out in 2007, but high-def content is here to stay. Once you go HD, it's tough to go back.

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