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Saturday, January 06, 2007

How in-game sound effects are recorded

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EGM readers should be familiar with the magazine's monthly Take This Job column that profiles industry related gigs. Some are cool, some are not ("But I don't want to program for 80 hours a week!"). Charles Maynes, however, really does have a cool job in the industry. He's a sound designer and recording artist for both film and video games specializing in military audio. Basically he gets to shoot guns and blow stuff up all day long.

Some interesting highlights from his Gamasutra column include the luxury of exaggerating sound effects for film more so than games as the former are only played once during a movie whereas the latter need be more ho listic due to their in-game repetitiveness. Makes sense, but do big, exaggerated explosions ever really lose their cachet? I think not, but then again, I'm not a sound designer. Click on to find out just how Maynes does his thing in capturing the layered, silky, game sounds so many of us take for granted.
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