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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

If a game mag columnist could run GamePro

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GameSetWatch has published a column by Kevin Gifford examining the waning readership of GamePro magazine and what the board of directors should do about it. You online types already know of fleeting subscribers experienced by most magazines due to the faster and more timely news found on the internet, and GamePro is often criticized as being one of the worst game-related publications in circulation. It's allegedly losing lots of readers, and fast.

The article's recommendations for improvement of the mag include a full rebranding, less text per page, better design, ditching corny writer aliases, and a slight focus on the kiddies (don' t most print mags try too hard in acting "tough," sounding more like teenagers in the process?). Gifford plans to revisit his recommendations in February when GamePro is expected to see a redesign.

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