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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Massive Link to the Past hack released

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Those of you lucky enough to get a Wii on launch day have probably already blazed through Twilight Princess and are clamoring for more Zelda goodness. Well, if you don't mind going through back to two dimensions and undertaking some light ROM hacking, Parallel Worlds means more Zelda, less waiting.

This massive hack to the SNES' Link to the Past, released on Dec. 30, was the product of four years work by dozens of contributors, and the results are pretty astounding. A completely new story, new overworld and dungeon maps, new items, new characters and a new interface make this more like a full-on sequel than a simple sprite hack. Download it now before the Nintendo lawyers inevitably swoop in and ruin the fun.

[Thanks CLShortFuse]

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