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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rumorang: NiGHTS returning on the Wii

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This is one recurring rumor we'd rather not toss away, instead warmly embracing it and gently scratching behind its furry little ears. Unfortunately, much like realizing the kitten in your hands is actually a squirrel infected with rabies, the truth about a sequel to NiGHTS may just upset you. And tear your face clean off.

If you follow the dubio us rumor treasure trail, you're bound to end up at a Wii release list published on Japanese website, G-rev. Stashed between Animal Crossing and a Naruto game is the tantalizing mention of NiGHTS (or Naitsu), though no accompnaying release date can be found. It could be a remake, a sequel or an elaborate dance interpretation -- or a complete fabrication.

Is the modern Sega even capable of producing a good follow-up to NiGHTS? Would Wii controls shine through the possible dreck of NiGHTS 2: Into Dwiims , now with fly-by shootings and a talking rabbit? Perhaps, but they'll have to make the game before we know.

(In other news, G-rev's Xbox 360 page lists a Radiant Silvergun 3 ... )

[Via Siliconera, Insert Credit]
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