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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Simpy Welcomes RawSugar Users

Here is a little announcement.

A few days ago several influential blogs (see below) announced RawSugar, another social bookmarking service, has stopped all R&D efforts, as it is out of funding. Technically, RawSugar is not closing down, but looking for a new home for its technology. While it is sad to see RawSugar go, this was not news to me. As a matter of fact, I have been in close contact with Frank Smadja, RawSugar's VP of R&D, for some time now, working on a migration path for RawSugar's users. As the result, RawSugar users can now easily import their bookmarks into Simpy. If you are a RawSugar user, the import tool is at http://www.simpy.com/3p/rawsugar and it works just like the del.icio.us import.

The import is done in real-time and "in the background". Upon completion, an email is sent to the email address stored in the person's Simpy account. For each bookmark in RawSugar, the following attributes are imported: URL, title, note, tags, visibility (public or private), and add date (n.b. if the bookmark add date from RawSugar is before the creation date of your Simpy account, then the current date is used as your bookmark's add date).

Just as I was happy to provide de.lirio.us users with a new home 6 months ago (see De.lirio.us migrates to Simpy), I am happy to be able to provide RawSugar users with a new home for their bookmarks. Welcome RawSugar users!

Some blogs that covered the recent RawSugar changes:



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