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Friday, January 05, 2007

Today in Joystiq: January 4, 2007

Mr. rkalajian thinks he's Phoenix Wright, do you? Check out the highlights for today:

Playing Dirty: The queer hero
TiVo it: Joystiq attacks Attack of the Show tonight
Today's hottest game video: Live-action Pac-Man

Showtime to launch On Broadband gaming network
GameSpot editor-in-chief resigns, now a developer
New Halo hoodie at the Bungie Store
Does brain training really work?
No Bully sequel, judging by the numbers
Sony shortages show signs of slowing?
Acclaim & IGA link up for six-game ad deal
Stop the format wars! This disc is both Blu-ray and HD DVD!
Surprise -- Derek Jeter to grace MLB 2K7 cover
Shivering Isles: first full-length Oblivion expansion
Gamerscore more popular than Microsoft anticipated
Subversion to deploy procedural city generator
More graphics you won't be seeing in-game
Pachter gets one right; GameStop sto ck worth buying
MindArk claims $179,668 spent on trio of Entropia virtual properties
Hacked PSone emulation on PSP now more efficient
EA to drop prices on loads of games

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: GameStop Corp to a bsorb Rhino
Analyst: Wii to beat expectations, 360 to meet 'em, PS3 ... not so much
How we'll play video games in 2525
Gizmondo at CES?

Blow off clothes in body spray advergame
Patience key to beating arcade crane games
Didn't Namco already make this game?
Download Japanese P-TV videos to PSP
Final College Fantasy
Console evolution in pictures
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