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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Traxion ditched, PSP loses unique music puzzler as LucasArts and Kuju split

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sony pspIn a surprise development, LucasArts and Kuju have announced they're breaking up, putting an end to the pair's would-be lovechild Traxion. Billed as a music-puzzle game, Traxion was going to integrate Kuju's music analysis technology with a player's MP3 collection (stored on the PSP Memory Stick), generating a series of minigames that would correspond to certain elements of each song -- the game would also include its own licensed tracks. Unfortunately this ambitious project has proved to be the undoin g of Kuju and publisher LucasArts's partnership.

While both parties have declined to comment on the specific circumstances that led to the breakup, the official statement (from both sides) is that the split is a mutual decision. While Traxion's future is uncertain, Kuju has confirmed it's developing other music-based software for unspecified platforms.
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