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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Screens

13 new shots posted. [more]

Crackdown Screens

16 new shots posted. [more]

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Screens

73 new shots posted. [more]

SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 Game Guide (unlocked by Intel)

It's time to hit the squared circle once more in SmackDown vs. RAW 2007! We've got storyline details, unlockables, stats on superstars, and much more! [more]

Novadrome Screens

19 new shots posted. [more]

Crackdown to allegedly include Halo 3 Beta keys

Advertisement for upcoming supercop game claims some copies will include admission to Halo 3's beta program; Spartans already doing battle in Iraq. [more]

SKATE Screens

1 new shots posted. [more]

BattleZone Screens

4 new shots posted. [more]

N.C. Looks to Court Google with $4.7 mil USD Grant

The state of North Carolina looks to Google to provide some economic stability in a failing county... [more]

U.S. Government Taking No Chances With Full-Disk Encryption

Recent leaks forces U.S. government to patch up the pipes... [more]

OLPC Gearing Up for Prime Time

New interfaces, ship dates and commitments let everyone know OLPC is ready to teach the world... [more]

Google Misses YouTube Anti-Piracy Deadline

Google rings in the new year without its promised anti-piracy protection scheme... [more]

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

HP delivers SOA as an architectural approach built upon the concept of SOA-based business and infrastructure services. Download this resource to learn more!


It's gonna be a lonnnnnng year

Trouble ticket comes to tech support via the Web-based help desk system, and a desktop tech pulls up the request, breaks out in uncontrollable laughter and almost falls out of his chair.


Opinion: Alternatives for recovering historic data

More than any other infrastructure software category, once a backup application has been selected and is in place for a few years, it is unlikely to be replaced; it represents one of the supreme opportunities for vendor lock-in.


FAQ: Microsoft's Forefront server security family

Forefront ties in nicely with Exchange and SharePoint server software, but at least so far there's nothing specific planned to link it with Longhorn.


Apple faces U.S. lawsuit over iTunes-iPod link

A U.S. consumer has filed a class-action suit against Apple over ties between iPod players and the iTunes service. Melanie Tucker's suit mirrors two underway or on the horizon in Europe.


Fresh vulnerabilities plague QuickTime, Gmail

A serious bug in Apple's QuickTime software could leave Windows and Macs users alike open to attacks. The flaw is the first revealed during the announced Month of Apple Bugs "event." Meanwhile, a proof-of-concept bug affecting Gmail contact lists was squashed over the holiday weekend.


Florida court rejects effort to review e-voting code

A Florida judge has turned down a congressional candidate's efforts to see the source code used by e-voting machines alleged to have malfunctioned in November's election.


Yahoo to offer full auction refunds in Japan case

Yahoo Japan has decided to refund users of its auction Web site any money that was sent to a consumer electronics retailer that abruptly dissappeared.


Front-end integration with lightweight architecture

Often-daunting integration projects don't have to be that hard, Peter Yared explains.


Big Blue cheaper than Red Hat

Research house Illuminata reports that running 10-50 applications on a mainframe costs less than running the same workload on a one server/one application basis where the servers run Linux or Solaris -- using data provided by IBM.


Social Networks Help Companies Put on Their Listening Ears

Despite all of the money companies spend on advertising, the product information that consumers trust the most tends to come from other consumers. Thus, it’s no real surprise that online retail sites got 6.2 percent of their traffic directly from social networking sites during the busy holiday shopping season, up from 2 percent in the same period [...] [more]

Sarbox Reform Should Boost Small Company, Foreign Firm IPOs

If the changes to Sarbanes-Oxley implementation suggested by the Securities and Exchange Commission last month are adopted, the changes should drive an increase in IPOs from smaller companies, says Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association. Heesen is quoted in a Market Watch piece that spotlights a new study conducted by the NVCA in [...] [more]

XML, Age 10

Every once in a while, it’s important for those of us who depend on IT but don’t do the actual programming to get down into the technical weeds – at least a little bit – to maintain a basic grasp of the more granular issues that can make or break a project. That time is [...] [more]

Enterprise, with a Serving of Apple

Once again, we’re seeing a lot of Web chatter regarding Apple and the enterprise. The company is getting a lot of good press over the flexibility of its Xserve platform, which sports up to three SATA or SAS hard drive bays, not to mention support for Windows, Linux and UNIX configurations. While the company top brass [...] [more]

Google Needs to Fix YouTube Piracy Issue, and Fast

When Google announced it was gobbling up YouTube in October, it brushed aside concerns that the video-sharing site was awash with clips that blatantly violated copyright laws. The company promised to put its talent for innovation to work on making the problem go away. Google knew it would likely face lawsuits over the piracy complaints. In [...] [more]

HOA.ECM v1.0, Enterprise Content Management, released

Ho@Tech.Vn has announced HOA.ECM v1.0. HOA.ECM (Ho@Tech Enterprise Content Management) is a commercial product used for management of documents and workflows. HOA.ECM allows the organizations to manage documents in a central repository, share documents, track documents' status, and increase security by defining rights for each user or group of users. It includes support for JSR-170, the Java Content Repository specification.


JSCAPE Secure FTP Server 2.1 released with additional security

JSCAPE released an update to its platform-independent JSCAPE Secure FTP Server. The release enhances security, auditing and file transfer capabilities, which are vital to organizations seeking to protect data, audit file transfers and automate file transfer processes.


Geronimo 2.0 milestone 1 with Java EE support

Geronimo 2.0, milestone 1, has been released. This is a preview of Geronimo's Java EE implementation, with EJB 3, JPA, and the recent servlet/JSP specifications. This is only a preview, so things aren't stable, but it's definitely worth looking at, if only because of the Java EE implementation.


Nominate game systems in the 2006 Engadget Awards [update 1]

The 2006 Engadget Awards are underway and they're asking for your nominations in a series of categories, including Game Console of the Year and Handheld of the Year! Sure, the pool of possible candidates isn't as broad as say Gadget of the Year -- the product had to have been "introduced and sold for the first time in 2006" -- but we're sure you'll all want your voices heard.

Of course, two of the three new-gen consoles will make an appearance but what else is there? We're certain the DS Lite will get plenty of handheld nominations, but with the PSP2 still MIA, what else is there? Although each candidate only needs to be nominated once, that hasn't stopped dozens of comments from overlapping at Engadget. Take a look and see what needs representing.

[Update: Amended post to reflect the requirement that the product had to have been "introduced and sold for the first time in 2006." Sheesh, sort of a big thing to miss! Thanks, everyone.]
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IBM Upgrades Lotus Notes for Mac

IBM announced last week an upgrade of Lotus Notes for the Macintosh platform that gives Mac users the same e-mail and collaboration functions already available to the Windows and Linux platforms. Lotus Notes 7.0.2 provides Mac users, including those using Intel-based Macs as well as Power PCs, with instant messaging, presence awareness and Web 2.0 features. [more]

No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment

There is no "silver bullet" for enhancing IT/business alignment. Rather, it requires attention to several areas, including governance and communication between the two cultures.

Visit IT Business Edge for the No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment interview.


Apple named "Marketer of the Year"

Apple has been named the "Marketer of the Year" by Marketing Daily. Noting the continuing explosion of the iPod industry, a growing Mac market share, and an immensely successful retail store operation, the publication write: "If there's a recipe for success in the relentlessly churning PC and digital entertainment industries, it may go something li...

REAL ships REALbasic 2007 Release 1

REAL Software today began shipping REALbasic 2007 Release 1, improving the integrated development environment for Mac software developers with improved reliability for building Universal Binary applications. The latest release improves support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC-compliant databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. REALbasic 2007 Release 1...

Briefly: Apple patent; Rapidweaver themes

In brief: The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office today published its first granted patent for 2007 titled ìMethod and apparatus for nonlinear anamorphic scaling of video imagesî.... Rapidweaver's professional theme development community has teamed up to offer seven professionally designed themes from as many different developers for $35.... Software de...

Preliminary: Xbox 360 wins holiday sales battle

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The console sales horse race is more of a marathon than a sprint, but a Register report shows Microsoft edging out the competition in the all important holiday season. The report quotes preliminary NPD numbers mentioned on CNBC to show that Microsoft sold about 2 million Xbox 360s from Nov. 1 through Christmas day, beating out the Wii's estimated 1.8 million in sales. Sony lagged behind with an estim ated 750,000 consoles sold through over the two months.

A look at last month's numbers and some quick math shows that all three console makers picked up considerable steam going into Christmas, selling two-to-three times as many system in December as in November. The healthy numbers are also encouraging in light of last December's year-on-year decline in the game market as a whole.

More will become clear when the final NPD numbers are released later this month, but as it stands now it looks like a relatively un-merry Christmas for Sony.

[Thanks Tom Stone]
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1/2/2007 Daily Hardware Reviews

DailyTech's roundup of reviews from around the web for Tuesday... [more]

Church's Chicken expands outsourcing to India's Sonata

The restaurant chain is adding application development and other functions to the infrastructure management Sonata already handles.