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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cheetah3D 3.6 offers rewritten timeline has released Cheetah3D 3.6, offering an entirely rewritten timeline with numerous additional features such as auto-keying and a timeline 'scroller.' The latest revision includes more advanced keying masks that allow users to key single parameters, and features a new design with refreshed icons for the timeline. The software provides r...

Street consensus on Apple conservative?

Apple may surprise investors in 2007 as the published consensus estimates for 2007 look reasonable but are likely conservative, according to American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu. "This is a very different scenario than in 2006," Wu wrote in a research note obtained by MacNN. "We argue that estimates have finally been reset, leaving Apple ro...

SMC ships 802.11n router, adapters

SMC today began shipping its Barricade N, its first hardware device that makes use of the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard in its current first-draft form. The wireless router uses multi-antenna MIMO support, connecting at rates up to 300Mbps to other devices that support the new wireless format. The router comes with a 4-port Ethernet switch, and is capable...

Analyst expects upside to Apple Dec quarter

Strong momentum in iPod sales during the holiday shopping season combined with the possibility of new product announcements could create an upside to Apple's fourth quarter results, according to analyst Richard Farmer of Merrill Lynch. "Near term catalysts include Macworld on January 9th and December Quarter results on January 17th," the analyst ad...

Today in Joystiq: January 2, 2007 [update 1]

Flickr user Earl - What I Saw 2.0's mother-in-law pulled out a score of 155 in Wii Bowling, which reminds us that Old Grandma Hardcore has yet to weigh in on the Wii. Check out the highlights for today:

Readers pick best webcomic: Contraband
Settlers of Catan ... hot! Now where is it?

Shipping Wii to Japan: big boats, big business
Preliminary: Xbox 360 wins holiday sales battle
Satoru Iwata: biggest Japanese industry cheese of '06?
Schilling talks Green Monster Games
Seagate - the answer to digital distribution?
Fast hedgehog, slow loading
Wii Sports wins TIME's game of the year
Hudson talks Dungeon Explorer VC delay
Xbox Live makes box office bombs profitable
Army tank sim in need of Smell-O-Vision?
In-game ads put devs in control
First footage: Xbox Live Arcade Worms
Rare founding bros bounce, vets fill in
Ars Technica defends Left Behind, industry grows up a little

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst: PS3 will win with 75 million units by 2010
Gears of War doing its job as a system seller?
Rumor: Tekken 6 on Xbox 360
Rumor: Konami cancels PS3 Coded Arms
2007: A year of truth for Xbox 360 (and everyone else?)
PSPredictions for 2007, as seen by PSP Fanboy

The future of gaming is now
How do you manage your "to-play" list?
Overlooked DS titles of 2006
Sixaxis gets the blues

[Update 1: It turns out the world did not reset back to 2006. Year has been fixed.]
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White PS3 maker expands line to red, silver

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Encouraged by the positive reception and high eBay sales price fetched by his white PS3 mod, Michal Berecki is expanding the operation to include silver and red system cases. The new colors are still in the concept stage for now, but Berecki has promised the brightly colored PS3s will be on sale in the coming weeks.

We can't help but be tickled by the idea of a home hobbyist filling in a market niche that a console maker seems unwilling or unable to fill. With three colors planned already, the sky's the limit. What kind of designs would you like to see on a future PS3 case?

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Art exhibit brings analog tech to digital games

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We Make Money Not Art has an interesting interview with David Pfluger, one of the artists behind the "Game Arcade" art exhibit currently touring around Germany. The exhibit transforms digital video game concepts using analog components like slide projectors, super-8 film and mechanical buttons and switches. The examples sound more like Dadaist installations than games: Racer features a cardboard car that runs over a variable speed film of a road, and High Noon (pictured) uses a rotary dial phone to control film projections of old west duelists.

More than just interesting gameplay experiments, Pfluger says the exhibit is a statement on the game industry's myopic focus on the latest and "best" technology. "Each technology has its own characteristics which makes it artistically unique.... Painters still use oil painting even though there is Photoshop." It raises an interesting question: Is the game industry sop focused on new technology and graphical "realism" that it's forgetting the unique aesthetic influences of the past?

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DS doubles as tour guide

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map on top screenNeoGAF forum member Reno has recorded the latest instance of Nintendo's DS used to guide patrons through an art exhibit. In this case, an M.C. Escher show at Shibuya's Bunkamura entertainment complex featured customized DS Lites, complete with floor maps and guided audio tours. Many of the works were reproduced on the touch screen, and the stylus could be used to enlarge certain areas of the image, allowing users to examine the Escher pieces in greater detail.

[Via Go Nintendo]

See also: Nintendo's buttonless DS, a poetry project
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Big Brother taps PSP, in UK

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CBBUK PSP owners may be surprised to find their handhelds' web browsers being automatically directed to Channel 4's 4Radio website when launching from one of The Cloud's 7,500 public wi-fi hotspots. Don't worry, it's all part of the plan.

According to Channel 4 Radio director Nathalie Schwarz, the deal with wi-fi provider The Cloud is part of an effort to "connect with a young, mobile audience," the lot who's hungry for "bold and mischievous radio programming," but doesn't want to turn on the radi o. If you find Celebrity Big Brother podcasts being aggressively pushed onto your PSP completely invasive, you're not alone. This is one PSP novelty we hope is never adopted again.
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Simply add realistic tears to a photo in less than a minute. Don't cry over this effect because it's easy as pie. [more]

Beginner's Guide to Photoshop

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Photoshop Smart Objects: Are They That Smart?

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Parabellum Interview


Call of Duty: Roads to Victory Screens

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2006 artypapers Awards

2006 artypapers Awards. Artypapers has again captured the best of last year(2006) in a one page awards site. [more]

November chip sales rise 11%

Global semiconductor sales reached $22.7 billion in November, compared to $20.4 billion for that month in 2005, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.


U.S. group sues Nokia, Samsung over Bluetooth

A U.S. research institute has sued Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Panasonic for violating a patent for Bluetooth technology, potentially putting the free wireless standard at risk.


Social Networking Sites in the Cross Hairs?

Social networking is meeting an unfriendly visitor -- social engineering. Social engineering tactics -- scams that depend on user-interaction to execute an attack against them -- rose dramatically in 2006. Over the past 12 months, Internet users got a little savvier to fake e-greetings and breaking news stories that tempt them to click on a link. [more]

Qatar Wikipedia ban a temporary move

Web encyclopaedia Wikipedia, which blocked anonymous Qatari editors from posting on its site for 12 hours yesterday, has confirmed that this policy was only temporary and not an intentional country-wide ban. [more]

Banking on security solutions

Online security threats remain a major problem for large enterprises and their customers in the Middle East. With multi pronged attacks growing in frequency and sophistication, Sherief Younis discovers what is being done in the Middle East to ensure a secure online environment for customers. [more]

When two become one

When its dual security solution failed to live up to expectations Dubai Municipality went looking for an alternative and found two isn’t always better than one. [more]

Workplace e-quality

‘A woman’s place is in the kitchen not in the corporate data centre’ — not our view, but one that still prevails in some pockets of the Middle East IT industry. It is difficult to comprehend that throughout the world, even in these modern times, this outdated perspective can still rear its ugly head. [more]

Inward investment

Saudi Arabia is rapidly opening up to foreign investment and SAGIA’s information and communication technology initiatives are driving this process forward at pace. [more]

The weakest link?

Wireless networks are finally shedding their insecure image, as a host of high-end features makes them safer than ever. But for enterprises, the critical factor still lies in the effective deployment of a wireless LAN. NME reports on the latest policies in wireless security. [more]

Intelligent thinking

du, the second UAE telecoms provider, hopes that its latest business intelligence software investment will help it to boost customer service levels. [more]

No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment

There is no "silver bullet" for enhancing IT/business alignment. Rather, it requires attention to several areas, including governance and communication between the two cultures.

Visit IT Business Edge for the No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment interview.


PSPredictions for 2007, as seen by PSP Fanboy

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I'm seeing...PSP Fanboy has dusted off the crystal ball for another round of yearly predictions. The team was surprisingly accurate last time around; but then again, we all saw the UMD movie market collapse coming. This year the gang took a few more risks, anticipating a new PlayStation-branded portable device (not a PSP redesign) and a Microsoft franchise's appearan ce on PSP.

The reckless forecasting is highlighted by one call in particular: "Expect tons of established franchises & far less original IPs." Yeah right, like that could ever happen! Those guys need to check their crystal ball for cracks ... Anyone else wanna play fortune-teller?
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Overlooked DS titles of 2006 [update 1]

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Cheap Ass Gamer presents a group of its favorite sleeper DS titles of 2006, with most of them currently headed to the bargain bin. CheapyD Furyk discusses why the titles were overlooked and why he thinks they're still worth playing. The list includes Magnetica, Break 'Em All, and Bomberman Land Touch!

Which were your favorite under-appreciated titles of the year? Were they fun B-grade games, or were they overlooked in game-of-the-year lists?

[Update 1: Sorry for the misattribution. Thanks, Furyk and Sean-o for mentioning the mistake.]

[Via Nintendo DS Fanboy]
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Sixaxis gets the blues

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Does your Sixaxis controller need a shade or two of Smurf in its life? PS3 Scene forum poster ebphondaprelude thought so, and turned the LEDs in his PlayStation 3 controller blue. All you need is some 2.8v LEDs, a soldering iron, and the courage to bust open a $50 controller.

Sure, some of you might think red LEDs are the way to go, but Sony is the purveyor of all things blue. Don't you want your controller shining like the diodes in your disc drive?

See Also:
How to mod an Xbox 360 controller's LEDs

[Via Engadget]
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Typo: vibration function cited in PS3's NBA 2K7 booklet

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Keen eyes have spotted this careless passage published in the PlayStation 3 version of the NBA 2K7 instruction booklet: "Once you start feeling your heart rate pumping (via controller vibration), you'll be ready to begin! Shooting free throws in 24/7: NEXT is just like shooting free throws in a normal quick game" (page 15). The rumble citation is an amusing relic of pre-Sixaxis days when the manual's authors must have assumed (or were told) the final PS3 controller would feature a standard vibration function. Guess 2K Games didn't bother to hire a knowledgeable copy editor.

Please, let's not assume this means PS3 games have 'hidden' vibration features. A typo's a typo. And PS3 launch titles won't be a'rumblin.

[Thanks, Xenokai]
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