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Friday, January 05, 2007

Toshiba Announces Desktop HD DVD Recorder

Toshiba's newest recorder is for OEMs only... [more]

Silicon Image Announces Sil5733 Storage Processor

Content security by automatic drive locking enabled... [more]

Microsoft to kick off 2007 with eight security patches

The first Patch Tuesday of 2007 is slated to address eight vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and Visual Studio, according to Microsoft.


Are Your Customers at Risk Because of Spyware?

When customers offer their bankcard at the point of sale, they want assurance that their account information is safe.

Computerworld invites you to watch this webcast video to learn about the latest Spyware threats and how they can compromise your network security. You will also receive information on the best methods to eradicate and control Spyware in order to keep your company in compliance.

This webcast will be available at the following URL for a limited time, so watch now:


Adobe: Users should upgrade Reader, Acrobat to mitigate vulnerability

Users looking to avoid a recently discovered cross-site scripting flaw in Adobe Reader and Acrobat should update the programs to avoid being affected by the vulnerability.


CES: Drive makers race to be first with 1TB drives

Hitachi and Seagate plan 1TB drives in the first half of this year, the companies said yesterday.


Florida congressman sworn in despite e-vote tally questions

Vern Buchanan, narrowly elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a race where post-election questions arose about the accuracy of e-voting, took office yesterday.


2007 Storage Forecast: Web 2.0

So what does Web 2.0 storage look like? Apple excels at selling storage disguised as something else -- a handheld plaything, for example.


The revolution in file virtualization -- what you need to know

Network-centric computing is creating a revolution in file access and management -- and quickly boosting the bottom line of companies who get on board in the right way.


Intel to close South Korea R&D facility

The move affects a small number of workers who studied wireless technologies in an office located near Seoul, the company says.


SOA, Circa 2007

Readers of IT Business Edge are very well informed about the cutting edge of technology, and it’s easy to forget that concepts like SOA are just beginning to percolate upward to the executive suite. But it’s happening. And this year IT executives can expect questions from their CEO of the“What are we doing?” variety on the [...] [more]

Is There a Thin Client in Your Future?

People have been talking about the re-emergence of the thin client architecture for years. And each time, the kicker has always gone something like, “but this time, it seems to be real.” Well, this time it really does look real, except that no one’s calling them thin clients anymore. They’re virtual PCs. Ask the folks over at Info-Tech, for [...] [more]

Jobs Again in the Cross-Hairs as Options Scandal Just Won’t Go Away

When Apple’s board gave CEO Steve Jobs a resounding vote of confidence last week, sighs of relief could be heard across the Mac Nation, as it appeared their guru-in-chief had dodged a bullet. The threat to Jobs had been real, if for no other reason than the massive backdating scandal has claimed dozens of other scalps, [...] [more]

Coldtags suite 2.9 released: web components with extended AJAX components

Coldbeans Software has announced the major new release of Coldtags suite. Version 2.9 provides 290+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by Java web developers. This version includes extended set of Ajax components, updated code base for the majority of UI controls as well a lot of new reusable components cover the most often used areas in web development.


Google Teams With Chinese Video, Gaming Site

Google and a Chinese partner on Friday announced a new Internet venture as the U.S.-based search engine tries to expand its share of China's growing online market. Google said it would add its search technology to services offered by Xunlei Network Technology, which provides video and game downloads. [more]

Macworld: What Dreams May Come

Apple Computer is expected to announce several new products at next week's Macworld Conference & Expo. Gene Munster, an analyst for investment firm Piper Jaffray & Co., expects the firm to possibly unveil an Apple-branded cell phone, a new video-capable iPod and the release of the iTV home entertainment appliance. [more]

Novell Trumpets Support for Open Source Development

Novell moved Wednesday to underscore its support for free software development after volunteer technical support collapsed for rival Red Hat's free Linux version. Novell spokesperson Kevan Barney said the downfall of Red Hat's Fedora Legacy Project only strengthens Novell's commitment to its own partnership with open source, or free, software developers worldwide. [more]

BCSIcom 1.0 controls Icom, CI-V Ham radios

Black Cat Systems today released BCSIcom 1.0, a new application that controls various models of Icom brand ham radios. BCSIcom enables users to set frequency, operating mode, and read back. The application supports testing USB CI-V links by polling the radio to display the frequency and mode while allowing users to set these values. BCSIcom utilize...

Hacked PS1 emulation on PSP now more efficient [update 1]

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pspDark_AleX has released another edition of his custom PSP firmware. Just as it appears '3.03 Open Edition Revision A' (OE-A) is essentially a modified version of Sony's official v3.03 fimware. 3.03OE-A also comes with a modified version of Sony's PS1 emulator, popstation; and with this latest custom firmware release, custom-made ISOs (game files) can now be compressed to conserve memory stick space.

Et hical concerns aside, it's amazing how the PSP homebrew scene has exploded ahead of Sony, unlocking the company's emulator for use with all PS1 titles. With just a few hours of research, a stack of old PlayStation games on hand, and perhaps a little trial and error, you now have the power to forge your own emulation experience -- imagine that. You don't even need a PlayStation 3.

Update: clarified that popstation is a modified version of Sony's PS1 emulator.
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The second Xbox 360 (with HDMI): introducing "Zephyr"

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Wow. This really takes us back to when we thought the Xbox 360's AV port was capable of digital out and it was only a matter of time before Microsoft released a proper HDMI adapter. Then came rumblings of a revised motherboard with an HDMI port located underneath the AV port (hmm ... curiously like the image above). Then back came the rumors about that HDMI cable.

Now, thanks to the above image nabbed by our buddies at Engadget, what's purported to be the second Xbox 360 (codenamed "Zephyr") can be seen rocking a dedicated HDMI port, for pain free 1080p. Also rumored to be included in the Xbox 360 v2 is a 120GB HDD, making those high-def downloads a little more palatable. No word on whether they're going to drop the comically priced $100 WiFi adapter and build that in as well, but the WiFi mounting brackets on the back aren't very reassuring. Although Engadget's insider says we can expect it "soon" we're left wondering about those smaller 65nm processors that were recently delayed. Are we gonna have to wait for Xbox 360 v3 for a cooler, quieter 360?
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No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment

There is no "silver bullet" for enhancing IT/business alignment. Rather, it requires attention to several areas, including governance and communication between the two cultures.

Visit IT Business Edge for the No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment interview.


U.K. Firm to Build $100M Electronic Paper Plant

Paper cranes and airplanes with a digital edge... [more]

Hitachi Global Storage Announces 1TB Hard Drive

Six months after the first 750GB, Hitachi announces the 1TB marker... [more]

Update: Adobe Flaw More Easily Avoided Than Initially Thought

A day after sounding an alarm over a major security flaw in Adobe products, iDefense backtracked today to say that the vulnerability is more easily avoided than initially thought. Only older versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader are affected, and then only if they are running with older versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox [...] [more]

Silicon, Solar Power and Corporate Responsibility, Part 2

Indications are that 2007 will be a bumper year for the solar power and renewable energy industry, as was noted in Part 1 of this two-part series. As an increasing number of state governments are introducing renewable power and energy standards and incentives, Washington, D.C., lawmakers at the close of the last Congress renewed production tax credits for the renewable energy industry. [more]

Alexa Says: Simpy in Top 10K

Just before the end of 2006, I noticed that, according to Alexa, Simpy was very close to being in top 10,000 sites by its traffic rank. I mentioned that in 2006 Finale: Alexa Top 10K. Because the end of 2006 was so close, I didn't think Simpy would make it into top 10K by the year's end. A few days after that, I hopped on a plane and went half-way around the planet, to China (it is sunny and over 20 Celsius here in Panyu, outside Guandgzhou). I took a few days off and stayed away from the computer and the Internet. Then, right after New Year's I looked at Simpy's Alexa chart and found that I got a great New Year's present - Simpy made it into the top 10,000 sites on the Web! In addition, I see all "3 months change" numbers for Simpy on Alexa are up:
  • Traffic rank: up 5,112
  • Reach per million users: 45%
  • Page views per user: 16%

Of course, climbing up in Alexa is easier the further down the "long tail" the site is, and gets progressively harder as the site gets closer to the "short head". I wonder what commercial web site traffic tracking services say about Simpy, if anything. Does anyone with access to ComScore or HitWise know if Simpy is listed with any of those services?

I'm not patting myself on the back, but I clearly can't hide that I am pretty happy. After all, Simpy is my side project, has not been marketed, and has no VCs or any other investors. What it does have are some passionate users and contributors! Thank you!

Ok, enough of this euphoria. It's time to go back to work.


More graphics you won't be seeing in-game [update 1]

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Operation Burnout has posted new Burnout 5 (PS3) screens by way of some perusing prowess on a publisher website after the game's profile in the Official PlayStation Magazine. The images look fantastic, no? But given the screenshots intended marketing use not to mention their deceptive and pre-rendered past, we'll be expecting something entirely different in-game later this year. Next-gen may be now, but its advertising still lives in fantasy land. So is this beyond glamorization?

UPDATE: As many commenters pointed out, 1UP reported these as "screens" whereas Operation Burnout makes no mention of them being actually "screenshots." You decide if that obviates the argument of some publishers being overly deceptive with game art.

[via 1UP]
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Today in Joystiq: January 4, 2007

Mr. rkalajian thinks he's Phoenix Wright, do you? Check out the highlights for today:

Playing Dirty: The queer hero
TiVo it: Joystiq attacks Attack of the Show tonight
Today's hottest game video: Live-action Pac-Man

Showtime to launch On Broadband gaming network
GameSpot editor-in-chief resigns, now a developer
New Halo hoodie at the Bungie Store
Does brain training really work?
No Bully sequel, judging by the numbers
Sony shortages show signs of slowing?
Acclaim & IGA link up for six-game ad deal
Stop the format wars! This disc is both Blu-ray and HD DVD!
Surprise -- Derek Jeter to grace MLB 2K7 cover
Shivering Isles: first full-length Oblivion expansion
Gamerscore more popular than Microsoft anticipated
Subversion to deploy procedural city generator
More graphics you won't be seeing in-game
Pachter gets one right; GameStop sto ck worth buying
MindArk claims $179,668 spent on trio of Entropia virtual properties
Hacked PSone emulation on PSP now more efficient
EA to drop prices on loads of games

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: GameStop Corp to a bsorb Rhino
Analyst: Wii to beat expectations, 360 to meet 'em, PS3 ... not so much
How we'll play video games in 2525
Gizmondo at CES?

Blow off clothes in body spray advergame
Patience key to beating arcade crane games
Didn't Namco already make this game?
Download Japanese P-TV videos to PSP
Final College Fantasy
Console evolution in pictures
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What if... you could learn real guitar through games?

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When the New York Times wrote about the PC Recording Studio Guitar (a guitar that plugs in to a Mac or PC via USB), we wondered immediately whether the device could be used for a more authentic guitar-hero experience.

Instead of mindless entertainment that does little to advance skills that are appreciated by the non-gaming public, game technology could be used to teach us skills that might help us climb the Maslovian pyramid to self actualization. If a capable game developer were to write a strong rhythm game that used a real guitar as a controller, we'd gladly slap down the 200 bones required to learn guitar. It'd be a steal, and an investment in the future.

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Application Integration Appliances

Can an appliance handle application integration? Cast Iron says yes.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Application Integration Appliances interview.


No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment

There is no "silver bullet" for enhancing IT/business alignment. Rather, it requires attention to several areas, including governance and communication between the two cultures.

Visit IT Business Edge for the No 'Silver Bullet' for IT/Business Alignment interview.


The Joker is Back

Transform a normal person into one of the best villains the world of make-believe has ever known: The Joker! Heath "Brokeback" Ledger will play the Joker in the upcoming Batman, but I stick with my favorite Jack Nicholson character ever. [more]

Census Bureau still counting on handhelds for 2010 tally

The U.S. Census Bureau plans to spend $600 million on half a million handheld computers that plans to use for the 2010 census.


Google and the Imara Project

Post by Jonathan Proulx, MIT CSAIL

Thanks to a generous grant from Google's Open Source Program Office, the Imara Project at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) was able to provide computers based on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for each elementary school in Fiji's rural Taveuni school district. (note that this project is separate from OLPC)

We chose laptops for the project, both for shipping concerns (shipping PCs to developing nations tends to be prohibitively expensive) and because electrical power isn't available at all the school locations. We used Lenovo Thinkpad R52s due to their large screens, low cost, and Linux-friendly components. Three members of the CSAIL community took the 10 laptops as carry-on luggage, and held tr aining sessions for the teachers once they arrived in Fiji.

The FOSS component is central to the sustainability and adaptability of the project. Since it's free, there's no additional software cost when the project expands, or if community groups wish to further leverage the technology. Since it is Open Source, once the userbase becomes sophisticated enough it will be simpler to adapt the software to meet local needs, such as adding Fijian language support.

Edubuntu (a Debian GNU/Linux-derived operating system specifically tailored for educational environments) was chosen as the laptops' operating system. Edubuntu provides virtually all the packages required for a good K-12 classroom environment, with minimal configuration. The only program we added outside Edubuntu was GeoGebra, a dynamic interactive mathematics application for exploring geometry, algebra, and calculus.
< br />Configuration included creating a privileged "teacher" account as part of the basic install process, and adding an unprivileged and password-less "student" account. We configured the desktop environments with icons for the most relevant applications (office/productivity applications for teachers, and educational programs for students), and set the window system to automatically log in the "student" account on startup, and that was that!

Here are the applications we selected for the student desktops:Imara volunteers provided initial training in two day-long sessions, graciously hosted by Maravu Plantation on Taveuni Island, Fiji.

Follow-up activities are also in the planning stages, including a 20-seat Edubuntu installation at one of the larger schools, and further developing local expertise by sponsoring a Fijian teacher's travel to spend time at CSAIL with members of Project Imara. [more]

Wireless Data Woes No Big Deal

A piece in the Toronto Globe and Mail quotes IDC and Merrill Lynch numbers to make the case that wireless data results in North America are, well, less than overwhelming. That’s hardly a great New Year’s surprise if you’re an executive who signed onto the expensive transition to 3G. These executives need not worry, in our [...] [more]

NextWave Buys Go Networks

The WiMax developer and licensed spectrum holder NextWave will acquire metro-scale Wi-Fi gear maker Go Networks: Go's equipment uses MIMO to fill more space at lower cost, the company has said. NextWave, a successor firm to the 1990s cell operator and Supreme Court case victor over spectrum auctions, has a portfolio of WiMax hardware and a set of licenses they purchased in the recent advanced wireless services auction. NextWave also acquired some German WiMax licenses last month. NextWave is obviously assembling a set of technologies that they can roll out in test markets that they have spectrum in, and will be well positioned to test the effectiveness of MIMO-based Wi-Fi as a complement and supplement to WiMax in urban areas. The Go Networks' deal is valued at $13.3m with a separate assumption of $7.5m in debt. Go would also receive $25.7m in stock for meeting milestones 18 months after the deal closes.... [more]

Late Shoppers Push 2006 E-Tail Tally Over $100 Billion

E-tailers rode a strong holiday season to record-smashing sales for 2006, with revenue topping US$100 billion for the first time, according to the latest data from comScore Networks. The report said retail spending reached $102.1 billion for all of 2006, a 24 percent increase over 2005 Web spending levels. [more]

CharacterPal, Uncle Sam widgets released

Taco Widgets has released CharacterPal 4.0, a free dashboard widget designed to find the key combinations for special characters such as accents and symbols. CharacterPal includes keyboard and HTML combinations for Greek, Mathematic, Latin extension/accent, and keyboard symbol characters as well as URL escape codes. The widget includes 10 different...

GizMac to unveil new iPod, Xserve products

GizMac Accessories has announced that it will unveil new iPod and Xserve products at booth #S2410 during Macworld Expo in San Francisco next week. The accessory-maker has secured a larger booth to exhibit an expanded line of iPod products as well as its current Titan family of iPod cases and accessories. GizMac's XRackPro2 noise reducing server rac...