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Monday, January 08, 2007

iPod + DS = DSpod? iDS? ipoDS?

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OK, so the white DS Lite already looks an awful lot like an iPod, but the resemblance is even stronger now that hackers have made an MP3 player for the system that mirrors the iPod interface, right down to the blue-on-white menus. GBADev has more info and a download link, and YouTube has a video showing off the touchscreen-as-clickwheel hotness.

The player requires a specially-designed DS or GBA flash cart to work, and the memory on those things pales in comparison to even the smaller iPods. Still, a neat little hack to show off to your iPod-loving friends.

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SOE to bring six Midway classics to Playstation Network

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In an effort to ensure that Joust will grace just about every console known to humankind, Sony Online Entertainment announced today that Mortal Kombat II, Gauntlet II, Rampart, Rampage World Tour, Championship Spirit and yes, Joust, will all be making their way to the Playstation Network.

These six titles, chosen based upon their specific multiplayer strengths, will be playable online and developed by SOE themselves as opposed to a third-party company along the lines of Digital Eclipse who handled the Xbox Live Arcade ports for Midway. Dates and prices have yet to be announced beyond "early 2007," so we should have but a short wait ahead of us before we find out if someone out there listened to our own Vlad's whacky ideas concerning these classic quarter gobblers.
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Second Life abuzz with source code release [update 1]

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OMG!Linden Lab has released the source code for the Second Life Viewer under the GPLv2 free software license, opening up its virtual world's client to a host of potential new features and improvements. The 'open so urce' announcement comes amidst a period of scrutiny in which the media has begun to debunk the hype and seriously question Linden Lab's reported SL user base; a recent estimate suggests that Linden Lab has inflated user numbers by more than 2 million.

Since the source code release has arrived sooner than anticipated, it's no stretch to suggest Linden Lab is attempting to redirect media buzz. Ploy or not, the open source SL era brings with it an opportunity for an unproven developer to generate some needed exposure.

Update: clarified that this is a release of the client (not full game) source code.
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PS3, Xbox 360 account for 80% of Blu-ray, HD-DVD players

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The Wall Street Journal via the Post-Gazette examines the HD format war including new dual-format players featured at CES this week, and the reality that if movie fans want a Universal HD movie, they'll have to buy it on HD-DVD, and if a Disney HD movie is desired, they'll have to buy it on Blu-ray.

More interesting, however, is the report's claim that of the 695,000 current US consumers that own either a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player, 400,000 own Blu-ray because they bought a PS3 (58%) and 150,000 own HD-DVD because they bought Microsoft's HD-DVD upgrade kit for the 360 (22%). So PS3s and Xbox 360s used as movie players account for 80% of total HD players in the market. Makes you feel sorta like a pawn, doesn't it?
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Our lunchtime chat with Bill Gates at CES

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At CES yesterday afternoon, I had a unique opportunity to chat with Microsoft's Bill Gates. I was joined by Ryan from Engadget -- as well as Brian Lam from Gizmodo, Brian Crecente from Kotaku, and Robert Scoble from ScobleShow (and formerly of Microsoft) -- to talk with Bill about the evening's keynote announcements, including IPTV and the Xbox 360's hastening transition into the mythical convergence box. Engadget's posted images and a transcript of some of the bigger topics, including vertical integration in the Zune and Xbox 360, DRM, net neutrality, and Microsoft's direction after Bill's eventual departure. Not content with the greatest hits? Catch the whole thing on video at ScobleShow.
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Application Integration Appliances

Can an appliance handle application integration? Cast Iron says yes.

Visit IT Business Edge for the Application Integration Appliances interview.


Soldner: Secret Wars v33675 Patch

This patch includes four new maps, a new gameplay mode, new weapon sounds, and a number of bug fixes, map optimizations, and game tweaks. [more]

Gears DLC out this week

[UPDATE] Two free bonus multiplayer maps for GameSpot's Game of the Year will be on Xbox Live Marketplace on Wednesday; patch to be released tomorrow. [more]

Dream Vacation Solitaire Screens

3 new shots posted. [more]

AMD Announces TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

CableCard ready for OEMs only... [more]

Protecting Windows: Nine Steps to a Secure and Stable Environment

Protecting Windows systems requires a multifaceted strategy that incorporates sophisticated technologies, IT management savvy, and user education. This webcast describes a nine-point plan to secure and stabilize Windows environments while getting users up to speed on sensible password and security practices. The webcast also features expert advice from Alex Scoble, a real-world IT security manager with tens years of experience administering Windows networks.


Wi-Fi body aims to smooth security setup

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the group certifying Wi-Fi products, hopes to help consumers make their wireless LANs more secure by taking some of the trouble out of the process of locking them down.


Q&A: Gates talks convergence in the digital home

The Microsoft president explains the evolution of what "connected entertainment" means, the future of product distribution over the Web, how far Microsoft will go in hardware, and -- his plans as he enters his last 18 months at Microsoft full time.


Q&A: Two views of the pandemic threat

National correspondent Robert L. Mitchell spoke with two experts about what the possibilities and probabilities associated with a global pandemic.


Case Study: Welch's Juices Up Its IT Infrastructure

Welch's replaced their antiquated mainframe environment in order to rid themselves of inefficient spreadsheet-based supply chain processes.


It's NOT the code, stupid!

Dan Creswell has commented to Fabrizio Giudici's blog entry, "Where are we going?," with an insightful comment. Mr. Guidici is saying that code changes aren't all that effective compared to tooling and process; Mr. Creswell points out that it's not just process, but the high level view.


Apache River takes over the reins of Jini development

Jini has recently been accepted as an Apache incubator under the project name "River". This migrates the Jini example code to Apache; what will this mean for Jini, and what's next?


Softraid 3.6 supports Intel-based Macs

Softraid today released SoftRAID 3.6, an Intel-based upgrade to its RAID backup and performance software for the Mac. SoftRAID 3.6 offers complete support for all Intel processors and also now offers the ability to boot Intel Macs from SoftRAID Mirror and Stripe Volumes. SoftRAID 3.6 now supports Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.x) exclusively. Panther and Jag...

Roxio launches Toast 8 Titanium

Roxio today launched Toast 8 Titanium, enabling Mac users to burn TV programs from TiVo as well as EyeTV to disc alongside support for converting TV shows for viewing on Apple's video iPod or Sony's PSP. The updated software supports creating audio CD mixes as well as music DVDs, and introduces Blu-ray disc burning. Further enhancements include aut...

Nisus announces Nisus Writer Pro

Nisus Software today announced Nisus Writer Pro, an advanced word processor based on Nisus Writer Express. The new Pro version brings new features such as Table of Contents, Cross References, Bookmarks, Text Wrap Around Images, Widow and Orphan Control, and Line Numbering as well as classic Nisus Writer features as attribute sensitive Find & Replac...

Maxtor OneTouch III Mini supports Mac OS

Seagate today announced that its Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is now compatible with Mac OS X. The USB 2.0-based sleek storage and backup solution can quickly and easily transport and backup/synchronize their video files, photos, music tracks and any other digital content. The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is a mobile storage solution that s...

Wanna see IPTV in action on the Xbox 360?

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If this doesn't make you tingle all over, then you need to check your pulse. It's only been since November that we've had movies available to download on the Xbox 360, and soon it'll be live and recorded television as well. In the months after that, the console will slowly take over your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, leaving you fully assimilated into Microsoft's SkyNet service, offering sentient oversight of all of your bodily functions.

For now, revel in the goodness of Engadget's Xbox 360 IPTV interface gallery, and check out the video of this baby in action on Microsoft's Channel 10 site. TiVo, you'd better start working overtime.
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